Kill Bermuda Grass in St. Augustine Lawn?

Can You Control or Kill Bermuda Grass in Your St. Augustine Lawn? Call 281-431-7441.  You’ve noticed Bermuda grass growing in the places where your St. Augustine lawn has been damaged, perhaps due to grub worms or perhaps due to traffic.  Is there any way you can kill Bermuda grass without killing the St. Augustine?  Houston […]

Where to Buy St. Augustine Grass Seed?

Can You Buy St. Augustine Grass Seed for Your Lawn? Call 281-431-7441 for more information about St. Augustine grass.  We deliver three varieties of very high quality St. Augustine and they are Raleigh St. Augustine, Palmetto St. Augustine, and Floratam St. Augustine.  In this video, Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers a question we […]