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Sod Installation Tips from Houston Grass

Call 281-431-7441. Want to learn how to lay sod? These are sod installation tips from Michael Romine, the Owner of Houston Grass. We take great pride in delivering the best grass sod in Metro Houston. Our grass is grown on our family farm in Bay City, TX, where we've been in the grass sod business since 1981.

We can lay your sod for you or you can lay your sod yourself using these tips. It's a matter of preparing the project site for sod installation, laying the sod, and then watering enough to give the grass a good start.

Our office is located in Arcola, TX, and we're a few miles east of Sienna Plantation and just off Highway 6 on McKeever Rd. You can pick up your grass sod at our office or we'll deliver your grass to your project site. Need other services like site preparation or sod installation? We can help you there too!  Check the reviews and testimonials we've received from our customers.

Our Owner, Michael Romine, has made more than a 150 videos and many of them talk about installing sod -- please click the link for the video library.

For more information, please call our office at 281-431-7441 or use our contact form to send us an email.