Best Time to Lay Sod in Houston

Is This The Best Time to Lay Sod in Metro Houston?

Call 281-431-7441.  We get lots of calls about the best time to lay sod and here in the Metro Houston area the springtime is the best because of the reasons covered in Michael Romine’s video.  That said, you can lay sod anytime and sod installation is always the better alternative to bare dirt through the winter months.

Here’s a summary of Michael’s video.

What is the best time of the year to lay sod? One of the questions we get asked quite frequently here is “What is the best time of the year to lay sod?” or “Are y’all selling grass right now?” A lot of the big box stores, and most other places frankly unless they only sell grass, only sell grass in particular times of the year. 

Best Time to Lay Sod in Houston
Best Time to Lay Sod in Houston

We sell grass year round, and my answer is always to “What is the best time of year to lay it?” is always spring. March, April and May, the grass has greened back up, the grass that we have out here is going to be green. You’re going to see the quickest response when you lay it down, it’s gonna root down the fastest. It’s not gonna be, it’s still gonna be cool enough outside, you’re not just constantly having to pummel it with water for the first few weeks.

So March, April and May is ideal. Saying that, if you’ve just bought a new house and there’s no grass in the back yard or you’ve just had a pool put in and then they ripped out a bunch of the grass, any time of year. During the middle of January is a fine time of year to plant grass. All you, all it’s basically going to do is you’re going to have the bare dirt, you’re gonna lay the grass down on it and all its gonna basically do is lay there, it’s just lying there dormant like everything else outside that time of year. But it basically it stops erosion from happening, and as long as you can keep the heavy traffic off of it in those brown, dormant, not-growing months, the grass will do just fine as soon as it warms up, it gets above 70 degrees, we have those above 70 degree days, the grass is gonna be rooting down and starting to turn green. And you avoid having dogs and kids bring all the sand and stuff in your house, even dormant, brown grass is nicer to look at when you think than a bunch of sand and mud. So that’s how I would, as far as when to lay sod, that would be my generic response.

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