Answers About How to Lay Sod

FAQs Answered About How to Lay Sod

Call 281-431-7441 for information about how to lay sod you’ve purchased from Houston Grass.  In this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers frequently asked questions about how to lay sod.  It’s not hard to do if you prepare your project area properly and then lay the sod according to Michael’s directions.

Summary of the How to Lay Sod Video

How to lay sod. Laying sod is a lot like laying tile. That’s the best comparison I can make. When our 18 wheeler brings you the grass after you order it, they’re going to pull up in front of your house, and they’re going to take their tarps and straps and everything off, and then they’re going to use a forklift, they’re going to unload it into your driveway.

How to trim or cut grass sod pieces
Start by Laying pieces along perimeters like flower beds and fences

After the sod pallets are placed as close as possible to your project area, depending on how close it is to where you’re going to be laying it, you’ll either load it in a wheelbarrow or pick it up with your hands and carry it to your project area.  That area needs to be a barren surface with no weeds, or debris, or anything like that on it.

Then you’ll lay it, starting in a corner of the yard. The best way to do this is to take the pieces and place them along any perimeters like flower beds, trees, and fences. That way you have large solid pieces of grass along your perimeters. You want to do it this way because they hold better than partial pieces. Then one layer in, do your cutting with a machete of some sort.

Don’t Leave Spaces Between Pieces of Grass

The most important thing that you do is to make sure those sod pieces are really tightly butted up next to each other. If you don’t do that and leave seams between the grass pieces or if you were to try to checkerboard pieces, you’re inviting weeds to take root.

Wherever the sun and rain can reach bare dirt, weeds are going to germinate. That will happen before your grass sod has a chance to cover over the area. You’re setting yourself up to battle lots of weeds in the future.

So like I said, laying sod is about like laying tile. You get the sod pieces in there as tight as you can. Of course, after the project’s done it’s really important to follow up with lots of water for a couple of days and depending on the time of year maybe even a couple of weeks.

Get Quality Grass Sod from Houston Grass

Houston Grass is very proud of the quality of the sod we sell.  If you’re going to lay your own sod, make sure the product you’re spending all that time on is worth the effort. We can arrange for professional installation of your new grass.  Buy your grass sod from Houston Grass!  Call us at 281-431-7441 today!

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