What Does Grass Sod Cost at Houston Grass

Call 281-431-7441 for information how much grass sod costs at Houston Grass. You can pick up your sod at our office in Arcola or we’ll deliver to your project site.  Please click this link for our current prices.

Summary of Grass Sod Costs at Houston Grass

Houston Grass provides seven varieties of grass sod at different prices to customers in the Houston area. The company is located on McKeever Road, just off Highway 6 in Arcola, which is a few miles east of Sienna. Michael Romine, the owner of Houston Grass,discusses the grass sod costs in the video.

Because prices change, we do not provide exact prices in the video. You can click this link for an updated price sheet that provides exact pricing for each type of grass sod. The price sheet is updated frequently, so customers can always refer to it for current pricing information.

Lowest Grass Sod Costs – Bermuda Grasses & Raleigh St. Augustine

The Tifway 419, Texturf 10, and Raleigh St. Augustine are the company’s cheapest grasses. These are the grasses that Houston Grass sells the most, and they make up the majority of the family’s farm.

The Palmetto St. Augustine, which is more shade-tolerant, is $40 more expensive per pallet than the cheaper grasses. We believe that this price difference will remain about the same, as it has been that way for years.

Higher Costing Grass Sod Are the Zoysia Varieties

The company also offers three types of Zoysia grasses: Emerald, Cavalier, and Palisades. These grasses are medium and fine-bladed, and they are all priced at $75 more per pallet than the Raleigh and Bermuda grasses. These grass sod varieties are all the same price.

Prices may change in the beginning of spring due to price increases in diesel and fertilizer. In 2022, there were significant price increases in these materials, and the company had to pass those increases along to customers. However, Houston Grass still offers competitive prices for grass sod with quality second to none in the Houston area.

Raleigh St. Augustine Is the Only Grass Sold by the Piece and Half Pallet

Houston Grass only sells full pallets of all grass varieties except for Raleigh St. Augustine, which can be sold by pieces and portions of pallets. Customers can order and pay for the grass sod a couple of days in advance, and Houston Grass will get the sod within a day or two. Customers can then come and pick up the sod at the company’s location in Arcola. We can also arrange for delivery to your project site and for professional installation too.

In summary, Houston Grass offers various types of grass sod at different prices. Customers can refer to the company’s updated price sheet for exact pricing information. The cheapest grass sod varieties are the Tifway 419, Texturf 10, and Raleigh St. Augustine, while the most expensive are the Zoysia grasses. Houston Grass offers competitive prices for grass sod with quality second to none in the Houston area.