Houston Sod Delivery Costs

What Are the Sod Delivery Costs for Houston Grass?

Call 281-431-7441 for more information.  We’re often asked about our sod delivery costs because the price of fuel can obviously be a factor in the cost of delivering your grass sod to your project site in the Houston area.

Here’s Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine explaining the sod delivery costs.

What Are Grass Sod Delivery Costs from Houston Grass

Summary of Grass Sod Delivery Costs

Hi I’m Michael with Houston Grass. Today we want to talk a little bit about pricing that obviously comes up a lot when folks are looking for information about grass.

Another part of the equation a lot of times is delivery, when people call and ask what delivery is. Delivery is always based on mileage from our place to yours, and we normally just say give us an address, we figure out the mileage. So it matters where you are geographically, and how many pallets that you need.

Sometimes we’ll bring it on an 18 wheeler with a forklift. The 18 wheeler can carry up to 16 pallets of grass. Sometimes if it’s small quantities of grass and it’s a ways away from our office especially, we’ll send a guy with his pickup and a trailer. He’ll hand offload it onto the driveway or wherever you need it as well. So we do a lot of deliveries that way as well.

Normal Range of Grass Sod Delivery Costs

But as a range, I would say our sod delivery costs for real close local deliveries here start at $65, and the upper end is usually about $150. Normally if we need to charge more than $150, we generally won’t go there unless it’s for fairly large quantities of grass.

Sometimes we’ll brush $200 for a delivery if somebody needs something that’s in the one-offs. But I generally say $65 to $150 is what you’re looking at in the greater Houston area for us.

We believe we sell the best grass sod in Houston because it’s grown on our family farm in Bay City, TX.  We’ve been focused on quality grass farming there for more than 30 years and that’s reflected in our products.

Visit our office in Arcola to “barefoot test” our grass or call us for delivery at 281-431-7441 today!