How Much Grass Sod Do I Need

Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about figuring out how much grass you need. You might want to know how to estimate the size of your project area and the number of pallets or pieces of grass that you’ll need.  Call us at 281-431-7448.

How Much Grass Sod Do I need?

Very helpful overall and was willing to work with us on delivery since we are somewhat outside of normal delivery area. Grass appears to be in good condition and seems to be growing well two weeks after install. We combined several neighbors together to create a larger order that made delivery possible for us. Make sure you calculate well how much grass you need so you don’t end up short like we did.

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Summary of How Much Grass Sod Do I Need

How much grass sod do you need? Sometimes people will call and say they’ve bought a new house. They’ve got a backyard and they say, “well I’ve got a standard backyard.”

There’s no such thing as a standard backyard. We can tell you if you tell us neighborhood, and it’s one that we’re familiar with. Sometimes we can guess kind of close, if most of the backyards are similar. But there’s really not that many of those.

Figure How Much Grass by Measuring

You’ve got to measure the square footage of your lawn or project area. You need to go out and measure your length times your width. If it’s just a rectangle, that’s relatively easy. You can do it with a tape measure.

The way we do it is that we step it off.  You should measure the length of your stride, but assume for the sake of this example that you’re taking three foot steps. One pallet will cover a 7 step by 7 step area, so 21 feet by 21 feet, is real close to what a pallet covers.

So you go and step off an area. You break the yard into squares, and rectangles to account for irregular areas of your yard. Say you’ve got the side yard and you’ve got the main backyard. That’s pretty standard for most of the tract homes in the area. If you get more complicated, this method still works.

You just step it off.  Figure that you’re taking three foot steps. Do your length times your width, and that’s going to give you square footage. And you know that 450 square feet is what’s on a pallet.

So if you divide your yard size by that 450 square feet, you can tell us how many pallets you’re going to need. If you need 16 pallets that’s a truckload — that’s 7200 square feet. But if you call us with your square footage we can walk you through how to do that.

If you can get that square footage and give us a call, we can let you know down to the number of pieces you need.  Even if you’re talking about quantities less than a pallet, we can tell you how many pieces you would need as well. So start there.

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At Houston Grass, we take pride in delivering the best grass sod available in the Houston area.  Our grass comes from our family farm outside Bay City, Texas, so we’re confident about every piece, pallet or roll we deliver our customers.

We’re located just off Highway 6 in Arcola and just a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver it to your project site.  We can also arrange for installation.