Grass Sod Installation

Preparing for Turf Grass Sod Installation

Call us at 281-431-7441 to talk about grass sod installation.  Preparation of the project area is the key to a successful lawn sod installation.  Houston Grass can do the whole job for you from preparing the site to installing the sod, or you can do portions of the job or the entire job yourself.

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Any old grass must be removed from the project area before installing the new turf.  One way to do this and save labor and time is to use a sod cutter.  You can rent one yourself or our installation crew can do the sod removal for you.

Once you have the old grass removed it’s still a good idea to treat the entire project area with Roundup or a similar product to ensure that weeds don’t emerge at the seams between the sections of your grass sod.  You’ll also want to till the soil to a depth of at least four inches and work organic matter into the soil when you do.  After you’ve tilled the soil, you’ll rake out any debris or clods of dirt and you’ll fill any depressions to ensure that your project area drains well.

Turf Grass Sod Delivery

Weather can delay harvesting your grass sod - Houston Grass
Weather can delay harvesting your grass sod

If you have questions about ordering and installing sod, please call our office at 281-431-7441.

There’s always going to be some sort of delivery charge on there whether we’re bringing it with a farm 18-wheeler or our 18-wheeler with a piggyback forklift.  We also work with a couple of guys who can  deliver small quantities of grass in their small trailers. But if you give us a call at 281-431-7441 we can let you know exactly what you’re looking at. You give us your address and tell us how much you’re looking for and we can quote you a price.  

Our delivery services can become weather dependent.  Wet weather can prevent us from getting into our fields to harvest your grass sod.  Wet weather and mud might also prevent us from using a forklift to move your grass from the truck to your project area.

Turf Grass Sod Installation

If you want to make sure that your investment in quality grass sod results in a long-lasting, beautiful lawn, we can help you with sod installation!  Our experienced installation crews can install your new sod at a reasonable price at a time that is convenient for you.  Just call 281-431-7441 and tell us how many square feet you want to cover, and we can give you an accurate estimate over the phone. During the spring and summer months, we can provide you with a much quicker answer and quote if you call. 

If you need additional site preparation work, we will send someone out to look at the your project area to give you an estimate based on your particular circumstances.

Additional Factors in Grass Sod Installation

The cost of grass sod installation depends on several factors that include but are not limited to:

  • The amount of preparation work needed.  The site must be cleared and properly graded.  If it is not, we will send someone out to look at the site to give an accurate estimate of what it will take to address those items.
  • Access to the project area. Will a wheelbarrow have to be used to move your grass to the project site or can a forklift be used? More difficult access increases the cost.
  • The distance the crew has to travel to get to the job site and the number of pallets to be installed. We use experienced, professional installation teams year round that have been working with Houston Grass for years. Houston Grass is located on the south side of Houston in Arcola. During the busiest seasons of the year, we can’t afford to send a team to the north side of Houston for a small job. During the winter we can do that.

If you have any question about the ordering or installing turf grass, please call us at 281-431-7441.  We’ll ask you for the information we need to make your next turf grass project a huge success!

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