Laying Patches of Turf Grass Sod

How Should You Be Laying Patches of Turf Grass Sod?

Call us at 281-431-7441 for a quote for your next project.  Here’s Michael Romine talking about laying patches of turf grass sod:

How to lay patches of grass sod?  I would say that . . . I would assume that this is referring to when you have areas in your yard that are less desirable
than others, whether we’re talking about the dogs have worn an area out, it’s an area that’s been infested with weeds, or it’s bare dirt for one
reason or another, other than shade.

If that bare dirt area has been created by shade, then you’re going to have to resolve that problem first, because even if you lay new grass down in that area, it’s not going to live.  (Please see our articles about growing grass in shade in the Houston area)

If you’re laying patches of turf grass sod for that reason, I would say that first you would need to cut the old turf grass out. Depending on how small or large it is determines whether you need to use a sod cutter to do it.  If it’s a little bit larger you’ll probably need to rent the sod cutter or hire a crew to remove the old sod.

Or you could just have a good, new, sharp shovel — if we’re talking about smaller areas the size of a desk or two — and do it yourself. A few of those, you could cut those out. It would be a lot of work, but you could cut those out. Then if you needed to lay a little top soil to level it back up, that would be fine. Then you could lay the new grass down on top of that.

You would have to have a good machete as well, because if we’re talking about patchwork,there’s going to be . . . maybe if it’s a circle, you are going to have to do lots of cutting to make it look uniform when you look out there.

Then the problem with the patching, though, is the water. If you’re doing your whole yard, it’s real easy to pull a sprinkler out there and turn it on, and water the whole yard using our directions; flooding it the first day and quite a bit for two weeks. When you do patches, it’s very hard not to make a mess of your whole yard and keep those patches alive. Most people have a tendency to underwater those patches, unless you get special sprinklers that just cover the small areas. Like I said, the normal problem with doing the patchwork in the yard is that people underwater those patches. Then the grass dies and you’re having to do it again.

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Michael Romine Owner Houston Grass South
Michael Romine, Owner Houston Grass South

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