How to Cut Sod Pieces

How to Cut Sod Pieces to Fit Around Walks and Shrubs

Michael Romine - Houston Grass South Sod
Michael Romine – Houston Grass South Sod

Call us at 281-431-7441. We often have homeowners asking us how to cut sod pieces.  Here’s Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answering this question.

Here’s a summary of the video:

How do I trim around the trees or around the concrete when I’m laying new grass? The easiest way, the easiest tool, to do that is to buy a machete. A machete is a fairly cheap thing that you can . . . you can get a fairly decent one at a hardware store. Just make sure, if it’s not a new one, that it’s good and sharp; that makes the job easier and safer.

You just lay the . . . when you’re laying grass, you want to normally put the whole blocks, the full blocks closest to the concrete and outline your concrete, outline your trees and everything. Then you want to put the pieces, the machete-cut pieces, one slot away from that so that they’re more likely to stay there. They’re less likely to get kicked and they’re more likely to take hold and root down if they’re not right by the concrete. You want to give the ones right by the concrete or right by the trees where you’re trimming; you want to give them the best fighting chance so you put the whole ones there. Then you do the trimming out away from there.

You also could use a sharp shovel, but a good, sharp machete is absolutely the easiest tool to use. It’s fairly thick. You’re cutting through a little dirt, you’re cutting through a lot of stringy roots, especially with St. Augustine, and some foliage up on top of there. Normally if you get it . .. picture exactly in the puzzle what size piece and how you need it cut. One good whack and it’ll cut all the way through and lay perfectly in the area that you’re doing. The sharper it is, the less frayed edges, and the nicer your end product will be.

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