Revive Dead Bermuda Grass?

Will Dead Bermuda Grass Come Back?

Michael Romine Houston Grass South Arcola TX
Michael Romine, Houston Grass South, Arcola TX

Call us at 281-431-7441. If you have dead Bermuda grass, will it come back with moisture?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about the drought tolerance of Bermuda grass, and especially of common Bermuda grass in this video.

Houston Grass South sells two varieties of Bermuda grass — Tifway 419 and TexTurf 10.  We don’t sell common Bermuda grass for reasons explained in the video and in the summary.

We have small plots of the grasses we sell on display at our office, so please visit and do a barefoot-in-the-grass test to pick a favorite for your next project.

Here’s a summary of the video:

Can Bermuda come back to life after it is, I assumed that we’re referring to drought or something to that effect? All grasses can come back to some extent. They are, Bermuda grass is one of the more drought-tolerant variety of grass, most especially the common Bermuda grass, which is also the ugliest one of the bunch.

We don’t actually sell common Bermuda grass because it’s coarse-leafed and stringy and thin when you look down over the top of it. The reason that it is so resilient, and the reason they plant it on roadsides and what not is because it produces a lot of seed heads, the little three pronged seed head that comes up after you don’t mow for a few days.

There are hundreds or not thousands of little seeds of each one of those. So, when the grass dies, for all intents and purposes, those seed heads fall down on the dirt. And when the water, whenever it starts raining again or somebody’s water or whatever. The grass can come back from that. A lot of the other grasses don’t do that. However, all of them, some are more drought-tolerant than others.

They have done drought tests on all of the grasses, most especially the St. Augustine. And there are a lot of statics out there about how many days or weeks can it go without water and how bad can it look, and then how long does it takes to come back completely. I would say that it depends on how long you let it go without water.

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