Caring for Sod After Installation

How Do You Care for Your Sod After Installation?

Michael Romine Owner Houston Grass South
Michael Romine, Owner Houston Grass South

This is Houston Grass South Owner, Michael Romine talking about how to grow new grass once it’s installed?  Houston Grass South sells the best quality grass sod at the best prices in Metro Houston — but like any living thing, our grass requires care after sod installation.  Call us at 281-431-7441 today for answers to your questions and for a quote for your next project!

There again, the best reference or resource to use would be our tip sheet that’s on our website. I would summarize it to say that if we’re talking about grass in the spring to summertime, you put that new grass out there, and you water it thoroughly the first day. You water it probably every day to every other day for a week, and then a little less than that the second week. Then you back off that and it gets quite a bit less. You’re probably only talking about 2 to 3 times per week, unless we’re talking about the dead middle of summer after that.

Then about Week-3 or 4, you can raise a mower up just about as high as it will go, over 4″, and that would be the first time that you mow it. It’ll make it look nice and even and you’ll start encouraging that grass to grow out instead of up. Then at about Week-4 to 6, you can put out a half dose of fertilizer, meaning that if the fertilizer bag tells you to open up your spreader to Setting 5 or 6, you put it on 2 to 3. That would be your first fertilizing.

Then after that, the grass is going to . . . during the growing season anyway, going to pretty much be established. From there, you start bringing that mowing height down, depending on the time of year, to 3″ to 3 1/2 ” over time. You’re probably watering more like twice a week, just like you’d do once the grass is fully established. That ought to be ample watering by then.

The rule of thumb is that if you walk right across the grass at 5:00 when you get home, and you leave footprints and you hear the grass crunch underneath your feet, it needs a drink of water. It’s stressed. You never want to stress new grass, at all. Once grass is established, you can stress it, and then that’s actually good for it. You stress it a little bit and then you water it, and it does a good job. New grass, you do not want to stress it excessively. I would say that is generally how you take care of new grass sod after installation.

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Here’s Michael Romine talking about growing new grass sod after installation.