Roll Out Sod Grass in Houston?

What About Roll Out Sod Grass in the Houston Area?

This is an answer to a question we sometimes get about the price of roll out sod grass.

Here the answer from Michael Romine, Owner of Houston Grass South:

People sometimes ask us , “how much does roll out sod cost”?  That roll out sod concept doesn’t really apply to the residential grass sod market around the Houston area if the question is about small rolls of sod.

A lot of people who are from the transition zone, which is north of Texas, are used to seeing pallets of grass where the pallets are actually multiple rolls of
grass. The sod rolls are 6 or 8-feet long and maybe only 12 inches wide. There are several of those sod grass rolls on a pallet, and you roll them out when you lay them.  Kentucky Bluegrass sod might be sold like that in cooler climates.

We do not sell the grass sod in small rolls like that. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure of anybody down this way that sells the grass in those rolls.

Large Bermuda Grass Sod Rolls - Houston Grass Sout
Large Bermuda Grass Sod Rolls – Houston Grass Sout

We do sell large rolls of Bermuda grass for projects like athletic fields and very large yards.  In the Houston area, Bermuda grass is the only sod variety that can be harvested in a roll because it’s the only variety that has an extensive enough root system to hold together in a roll.  We harvest Texturf 10 and Tifway 419 Bermuda grasses in rolls that are 120 feet long and 30 inches wide and the rolls are harvested with a mesh net under the grass sod to help it hold together.

Most of the grass sod we sell is St. Augustine, and as far as I know it’s never sold in a roll in the Houston area.  I would not think that it would hold together. As far as the cost of those small sod grass rolls, I would not have any idea.

Here’s Michael Romine talking about roll out sod: