How Much is Sod Grass

How much is sod grass at Houston Grass? It depends on which grass variety meets your needs, how much grass you need and any delivery or installation services you need. Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quote for your project. Here’s Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine to give you an overview of our sod prices. Click the button for our pricing page.

Summary of How Much Is Sod Grass

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How much is sod grass? Well we carry several different varieties of grass and they range in price. On the low end are the Raleigh St. Augustine and the two Bermudas that we carry, and on the high end are our three Zoysia grasses, the Emerald, the Cavalier, and the Palisades.

All three of the Zoysia grasses break the $200 mark. We’re not going to mention specific prices on the videos here because the videos don’t get updated as often, but we will link our pricing sheet here.

For the Raleigh St. Augustine and the two Bermuda grasses, there are quantity discounts once you buy so many pallets. If you call us at 281-431-7441, we can calculate the discount applicable to the quantity you need.

We constantly update our price sheet so you can look at that all the time. I will say that the Zoysia prices don’t change much over time, but the Bermuda grasses and the St. Augustines do fluctuate.

For comparison sake though, the Zoysia grasses are about $80 or $90 more than the St. Augustine grasses and Bermuda grasses, so it is significant. Certainly if you’re doing a very large project, the difference in cost is something to consider.

Raleigh St. Augustine Is Available by the Piece, Half Pallet and Pallet

We sell the Raleigh St. Augustine by the piece, by the half pallet, and pallet. Each piece is 16 inches by 24 inches. Each pallet covers 450 square feet. We keep Raleigh St. Augustine in stock at our office. It’s here all the time so you can stop by and buy a few pieces if you need them. The half-pallet price is a discount on the per-piece price and the pallet price is a discount on the half-pallet price for Raleigh St. Augustine.

Raleigh St. Augustine is probably the grass you’ll find in ninety percent of the lawns around Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. It’s easy to care for and it looks good too!

Other Sod Grass Varieties Are Ordered from Our Farm

All the other grasses have to be ordered, and it takes us a day or two to get them from our family farm. We don’t sell these varieties by the piece or half pallet — you have to order the whole 450 square foot pallet.

These sod varieties are the Palmetto St. Augustine which is the more shade tolerant St. Augustine, the Tifway 419, and TexTurf 10 Bermuda grasses, and the Emerald, Cavalier, and Palisades Zoysia grasses. So that’s certainly something to keep in mind.
So if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call about pricing.

Call 281-431-7441 for Delivery and Installation Pricing Too

Delivery prices depend on where your project is located so we’ll need your project address to give you a price for delivery.  Of course, you can always pick up your grass sod at our office and save the delivery charge.  If you’re planning on picking up your own sod, you’ll want to arrive at our office with a vehicle and/or trailer up to the task.

Installation costs depend on the accessibility of your project area, any work that’s needed to prepare the site for sod installation, and the size of the project.  We work with an installer who will go to your home or project site and give you a written estimate.

You can be assured that the grass sod you get from Houston Grass is second to none in the Houston area.  Our grass is grown on our family farm in Bay City, and we’ve been in the grass business since 1981.  The focus of our farm and our business is to provide our customers with the highest quality grass at very competitive prices.  Call us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email with our contact form.