What Are Great Zoysia Grass Varieties

If you choose between Zoysia grass varieties for your Houston area lawn, which one is best?  Michael describes each of our varieties in this video.  Call us for the information and answers you need to start your lawn project with the best quality Zoysia grass you’ll find in the Houston area.  Call us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email through our contact form.

What Are Great Zoysia grass Varieties for Houston HOmeowners

Summary of the Zoysia Grass Varieties Video

The zoysia sod we ordered was beautiful and the installation crew was right on time. Omar and his team took great care of the grass and took the time to level pieces of the yard and custom cut pieces for tight spaces. I am very satisfied with how everything looks and I highly recommend this group.

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What are great Zoysia grass varieties for Houston homeowners? Well there are a lot of different types of Zoysia out there. I bet there are 30 plus types of Zoysia that you could get your hands on today, and they fall into two families. They’re either the fine-bladed Zoysia grass varieties or the little bit coarser-bladed Zoysias.

The Appearance and Care of Zoysia Grass

They look different than what most people are used to. They feel better under your feet and they’re just overall a great grass. Our Zoysia grass varieties are certainly worthy of your consideration to if you’re replacing a yard.

Michael Romine

We carry some of each type of Zoysia grass. We carry Palisades Zoysia which is a little bit thicker-bladed. By thicker bladed, I don’t mean that it looks like St. Augustine grass. It is probably a quarter of an inch or less on the blade. It’s not near as thick as the St. Augustine that most people have in their lawns.

Then there are the fine-bladed Zoysias that we carry which are the Emerald and the Cavalier. They look very, very similar. They’re very fine-bladed.

The comparison there, would be like the grass that you see on golf courses, which is usually the Tifway Bermuda grass. You’re not going to mistake Zoysia for any other grass out there, and the beautiful appearance of the grass is a big reason that people buy the Zoysia grass varieties.

They also have some good attributes like good wear tolerance. They’ve got good drought tolerance, a lot of them, and they’ve got a slower growing habit as well. So you do not have to mow as often. When well kept and manicured, there’s probably not a better looking grass out there than the Zoysias.

As far as ease of care, I have to say that Palisades Zoysia would probably be my favorite, because anybody who has ever taken care of a St. Augustine yard can take care of Palisades Zoysia. It’s pretty much the same thing as far as mowing, watering, fertilizing, and general overall care. So for ease of use, the award definitely goes to Palisades Zoysia.

Shade Tolerance of Zoysia Grass Varieties

The only disadvantage of Palisades Zoysia is that it needs about the same amount of sunlight as the regular Raleigh St. Augustine. It needs six or seven hours of direct sunlight per day. If you don’t get that amount of sunlight, it will dwindle over time.

That’s where the fine-bladed Zoysias come in. The Emerald Zoysia and the Cavalier Zoysia have more shade tolerance. If you get at least four or five hours of direct sunlight in an area, the fine-bladed Zoysias could meet your needs.

How can you tell how much sun you get on different areas of your lawn? The easiest thing to do is to go out on a sunny day and take a picture with your phone about every hour or two hours and then scroll through and see how much light you get in the different areas.

Michael Romine

In my opinion, the Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia are a little bit more maintenance intensive for a couple of different reasons. Because they do grow so much slower, if you have a spot that gets worn down because of excessive traffic, weeds can take hold.

Great Zoysia Grass Varieties for Your Project
Great Zoysia Grass Varieties for Your Project

Weed seeds are in the air blowing around all the time here along the Texas Gulf Coast. If you have a bare spot or damage to your fine-bladed Zoysia lawn, those weed seeds will get a chance to germinate and come up before the Zoysia has a chance to recover and regrow over the spot.

If you have a good thick, healthy lawn, weed seeds are always blowing around but the sun can’t penetrate through to the dirt to germinate those weed seeds in the dirt. So if you’ve got a good, healthy, thick-looking yard, the slow growth habit is not an issue. So that slow damage repair is really the only disadvantage to the fine-bladed Zoysias, and Zoysia is a fantastic grass.

And then the other two, the Emerald and Cavalier are real thin-bladed. As a matter of fact, they can be mistaken for Bermuda grass, so a lot of the times if you’re on golf courses where they have Bermuda grass out in the fairways, when they move to the edges, because Bermuda grass has no shade tolerance, they’ll plant these fine-bladed Zoysias there. Excuse me. They’ll plant the fine-bladed Zoysias there so that… to give something green or something better than dirt because the Bermuda grassed won’t grow there.

So those are the three types that we carry. I always push people towards the Palisades Zoysia, if I’m picking. And I tell people that I think that we would mostly sell Palisades Zoysia if it was the same price as all the rest of our grasses. It’s very pretty. It looks different in a nice way than the rest of the grasses and it is. It’s about as easy to take care of as St. Augustine.

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Our Beautiful Emerald Zoysia Grass
Our Beautiful Emerald Zoysia Grass

We’ve been in the grass business since 1981, and we grow our grass at our family farm in Bay City.  We know the time and labor that goes into assuring the quality of our grass, and we know the quality of every piece and pallet of grass we deliver to our customers.

You can pick up your grass at our office in Arcola or we can install your grass for you.  We also offer delivery to your project site.  Call us a 281-431-7441 for more information and a quote.

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