Do You Want to Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs

Is It a Good Idea for Houston Area Homeowners to Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs?

You may want to try to plant Palmetto grass plugs to save money installing new grass in your Houston area lawn.  Sometimes people also ask us about checker-boarding grass pieces to save money.  In this video, Michael talks about how we do use grass plugs for Palmetto and many other varieties of grass on our farm.  However, Michael also explains why using grass plugs is not something most homeowners would want to do.  If you have questions or you’d like to order the best quality Palmetto St. Augustine grass available in Houston, please call us at 281-431-7441 today.  You can also send us an email through our contact form or request a quote.

Summary of the How to Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs Video

– How to plant Palmetto grass plugs. Palmetto grass plugs, I would say we get this question about Bermuda grass a lot.

I find that people use the terms sprig, and a plug, and sodding interchangeably. However, those are three different things. Let me describe plugs, in particular, as we think of it the way we plant plugs at our farm.  We feed the 16 by 24 inch blocks that we cut and sell to the public, we feed it into a machine that cuts it up into four inch square pieces and those pieces or plugs drop out the bottom of a machine.  Then a roller comes over it and kind of smashes it down to the ground, and then they water it.

If You Want to Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs – You Have to Fights Months of Weeds in Bare Spots

Then at our farm, they have an arsenal of chemicals and trained labor at their fingertips that they use to fight the weeds. It’s not feasible for homeowners to plant grass using plugs, in my opinion, any type of grass, Palmetto is certainly included in that.  First of all, if you live in an area where there’s an HOA of any sort, they’re not going to go for it because your yard will look bad for months.

Your Lawn if You Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs
Your Lawn if You Plant Palmetto Grass Plugs

You’re going to plant this grass and if you’re using plugs, even if you put them out there fairly tight, you’re only going to get a certain survival percentage of the plugs of grass. Not all of them are going to live. You’ll have big gaps of dirt and that’s going to go on for a while.  You could be fighting weeds in the bare space for six months plus to get a full yard grass grown.

Getting that full yard of grass will only be possible if you have somebody with a chemical applicator’s license to be able to get the chemicals that it’s going to take to keep the weeds from coming up. Anywhere there’s bare dirt, more than likely the first thing that’s going to invade your yard is common Bermuda grass, and then a whole host of other weeds as well. So you’re going to have to be able to fight those weeds off to give the grass that you planted time to cover an area, and that’s just not feasible.

By the time you did all that, your time money on chemicals and stuff, you’ve way given away any savings that you had buying less grass to do that. So I would try to talk anybody out of trying to plant Palmetto grass plugs or any other grass plugs.  It’s not because I’m in the grass business, it’s because I don’t think it’s feasible at all to plant a residential area with plugs, or sprigs for that matter.

Our Recommendation for Partial Sodding of Your Project

We recommend if you’re trying to budget, especially if we’re talking about acreage home sites or large home sites, plant 30 feet out away from your house all the way around and then maybe just the front yard or the focal point of the house, or whatever, plant that area and then leave the rest, and let whatever come up, you can come back and do that later. But that gets a hold of the erosion and stops that, and that’s what we recommend if you’re kind of on a budget but I just do not think that planting grass other than solid sodding is reasonable for most homeowners.

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Our grass sod comes from our family farm in Bay City, where we’ve been growing quality grass since 1981.  We know the care and attention to detail that goes into growing our grass so we can also be assured of the high quality of every piece and pallet that we deliver to our customers.  We offer three varieties of St. Augustine grass, two varieties of Bermuda grass, and three varieties of Zoysia grass — all grown with our strict quality standards.

You can pick up your grass at our office just off of Highway 6 in Arcola, or we can deliver your grass to your project site.  We can also arrange for installation of your grass.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to get started on a lawn you’ll be proud of for years to come!