When to Fertilize Palmetto Grass

When Should You Fertilize Palmetto Grass in Your Houston Area Lawn

Have questions about when to fertilize Palmetto grass or other grass varieties?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  We carry Nitro Phos and other products we’ve tested and proven effective in the care of your lawn.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information or send us an email using our contact form.

Summary of the When to Fertilize Palmetto Grass Video

– – When to fertilize Palmetto grass? Palmetto is a St. Augustine grass variety, and we recommend that you fertilize all the St. Augustines are pretty much all the same, I would say.

Fertilize Palmetto Grass First in the Spring

Nitro Phos Fertilizers - Imperial Lawn Fertilizer
Nitro Phos Fertilizers – Imperial Lawn Fertilizer

We sell the Nitro-Phos products, so a lot of people what they’ll do, is a late February, early March fertilization. And that, uses kind of the Randy Lemmon thing, where you put out some pre-emergent and if you’ve got weeds, you use a weed and feed. Nitro-Phos carries two different ones. One has Atrazine and one has Trimec. Those are the active ingredients that it uses to treat weeds. If you don’t have weeds in the yard, then you don’t need to. You can just use the regular, Imperial, red, or orange bag fertilizer without the weed and feed in it.

Fertilize Again in Late Spring or Early Summer

Fertilize Palmetto Grass with SuperTurf in late Spring or early Summer
Fertilize Palmetto Grass with SuperTurf in late Spring or early Summer

So I would do that late February, early March. And then you do another fertilization usually I’d say, late spring, hopefully before it gets real hot outside. I definitely use the Nitro Phos Superturf because it’s got the slower-release nitrogen in it in late spring for the summer. And that will get you through the summer.

Fertilize Palmetto Grass Fall to Set Up for Next Year

And then I’d probably do a mid-fall fertilization. I just don’t like to fertilize in the summer so you do a mid to late fall fertilization to get into, kind of help the grass for the coming year.  You’re not trying to green it up or anything at that time of year. You’re trying to give it the nutrients it needs to come out strong in the spring, is what you’re hoping for there.

Nitro-Phos carries a product for that as well. It comes in a brown bag, and I think it’s the “Winterizer” is what they call it. So, it’s got a little bit different mix of ingredients but it works well for that time of year. So, I would say three fertilizations per year is good for Palmetto and the other St. Augustines, and probably the Zoysias as well.

Bermuda grass, that’s when I would want to see you up that one to two, making it four to five times a year, probably, for Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass seems to lose it’s color a little bit faster than the other grasses. So, a couple more nitrogen applications per year helps it keep that deep green color that a lot of people like.

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