How to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker

How to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker in Your Houston Lawn

Do you want to make your Bermuda grass thicker and make your lawn more beautiful?  Sure you do and Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine has some tips for doing that in this video.  If you need fertilizer well suited to our climate and grass varieties, we have it at Houston Grass South.  If you want the best Bermuda grass available in the Houston area, we have that too.  Call us at 281-431-7441.

Summary of the “How to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker” Video

– – How to make Bermuda grass thicker. My comments probably apply to all Gulf Coast Bermuda grass varieties, whether we’re talking about Common Bermuda grass, or the Tifway 419, or TexTurf 10, which are the Bermuda grasses that we carry.

We don’t carry Common Bermuda grass, and the reason we don’t is because that it’s not very thick and dense and it’s kind of coarse and stringy, it’s just not as nice to look at, especially for a residential application.

Frequent Mowing Makes Bermuda Grass Thicker

Mowing Frequently Makes Your Bermuda Grass Thicker
Mowing Frequently Makes Your Bermuda Grass Thicker

So the more frequently you mow any grass, and you cut it off, you’re promoting the lateral growth.  The horizontal growth is what you’re promoting when you do that as opposed to the upward growth every time you mow.  So if you mow more frequently and you follow those mowings up with water and increase your fertilizer a little bit, those are all things that you can do to make any grass thicken up more.

Short Grass Needs Extra Water to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker

Especially Bermuda grass, it’s very receptive to doing that.  That’s the reason Bermuda grass looks like a carpet on a golf course — they’re mowing every day, or every other day. You hear about putting greens, they’re mowing twice a day, so they’re cutting just a little bit off every time, but that promotes that outward growth.

They’re following it up with water and that makes a grass nice and thick and makes it look more like “carpet” which is how people describe grass when they get it to that point. It takes a lot of inputs and a lot of time and effort though, to make grass look like that, so be aware.

Call 281-431-7441 for the Best Bermuda Grass in the Houston Area

We’re not just a grass distributor, buying from a number of farms.  We get our grass from our family farm outside Bay City, TX.  Our family has been in the grass business there since 1981, and we know the quality of every piece, pallet and roll that we sell.

You can pick up your grass right at our office, which is just off Highway 6 a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  We can also provide you with delivery and we can arrange for installation too.  Just call us at 281-431-7441 for a quote or to get your questions answered.

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