How Does Bermuda Grass Look

How Does Bermuda Grass Look in the Houston Area

How does Bermuda grass look in the Houston area?  Michael answers that question in this video, but it depends on whether you mean the Common Bermuda Grass you see along the side of the road or the improved turfgrass varieties like Tifway 419 and TexTurf 10.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions about the best grass for your Houston area application.

Summary of the Video about How Does Bermuda Grass Look

– – How does Bermuda grass look? Well, if there were only one type of Bermuda grass that would be an easy question to answer. But we actually carry two different types of Bermuda grass.

How Does Bermuda Grass Look
How Does Bermuda Grass Look

But I think when most people ask that question, the common Bermuda grass is what just comes up in the wild along the Gulf Coast. It’s the one that produces a seed head that comes up and has usually three little prongs that come out. And those are little bitty seeds along there, and those seeds blow in the wind.

Common Bermuda grass is the grass that comes up everywhere. It’s the one grass I know of you can buy a seed to and put in your yard and it’ll germinate. But common Bermuda grass, in our opinion, is ugly. It is stringy and coarse and doesn’t get real thick and dense like people want in their yard. So we don’t carry it. It’s got its place for sure. We don’t believe that it’s in a residential application.

We carry TexTurf Bermuda and Tifway 419. There are a whole host of other Bermuda grasses. The Tifway 419 is the one that you see on fairways of golf courses. The TexTurf is also a good grass. It was derived from common Bermuda grass, so I’d say it’s a close cousin of it. But it’s denser. There’s finer leaves. You can mow it shorter and have it look a lot nicer than Common Bermuda.

It doesn’t produce the seed heads that Common Bermuda grass does that look kind of ugly after you don’t mow for four or five days. It’s certainly got its place on sports fields. But with a lot of these grasses, if you take care of them, you can make a lot of ’em look really good.

Mow Frequently to Make Bermuda Grass Look Great

With Bermuda grasses, and especially the Tifway, we recommend people during the real growing season that they mow about every four or five days. Because if you cut too much off of Bermuda grass, only the top section of it is green, that top third of it, say. The bottom 2/3 is brown stem. So you cut off too much of the green growth, not only does it look ugly but you’ve stressed the grass a lot as well. And you can kill it if you don’t follow it up with some good water after cutting it off too short.

So during the growing season, you really have to stay on top of that mowing. The way a golf course and sports fields that are well-manicured — the way they do that is with mowing mowing more frequently. They’re watering more frequently, and they’re fertilizing more frequently. They’re putting in all three of those inputs.

And if you’re doing that and have the time and money to dedicate to that, you can have a front yard that looks like carpet just like a golf course if you do that. Not feasible, again, for most homeowners. But if you mow it a couple times a week, and water it once or twice a week, you can really thicken it up and make it look nice.

Again, Common Bermuda grass, we don’t carry it and we don’t think that it has residential application, at least in this part of the world. I guess it’s got its benefit, but there’s a lot better options out there for residential applications.

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