When to Plant Palmetto Grass

When to Plant Palmetto Grass in the Houston Area

“When to plant Palmetto grass” is a common question we get at Houston Grass South.  Michael Romine gives you the answer in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for help in deciding which variety of our top-quality grass sod is best for your planned project.

Summary of the When to Plant Palmetto Grass Video

– – When to plant Palmetto St. Augustine? A lot of people call and ask, “When’s the best time to plant grass?”

Always, March, April, and May, and even the first half of May a lot of times ’cause we start getting pretty hot in late May, at least here in the Houston area, and I assume that goes for the Gulf Coast, but March, April, and May is the best time.

When to Plant Palmetto Grass
When to Plant Palmetto Grass

When you get into summer, you get into several issues, but with Palmetto grass, in particular, because more than likely it’s going to be planted in the shade. If you get into summer, the biggest problem is gray leaf spot. Gray leaf spot is a fungus that gets on grass, and when it gets real hot, and humid, and still like it does in June, July, August, and September the Texas Gulf Coast area.

If you plant grass in the shade that never really gets to dry out, that fungus can wipe out your grass in no time at all, especially in shady areas. There are some fungicides that work well to control gray leaf spot and we sell a couple of them.

However, if you’re planting grass in the shade, we absolutely recommend doing it in March, April, and May.  I would say, your chances of survival go down probably 20% or 25%, especially if they’re like the last two summers we’ve had.

We’ve seen a lot of sod webworms. We’ve seen a lot of gray leaf spot, and a lot of people come out of that process not real happy when they do it in the summertime. So try to stick to that, March, April, and May, springtime, if you’re talking about when to plant Palmetto grass.

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