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Houston Grass is proud to carry the Nitro Phos fertilizers and other products that you need to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.  Michael Romine describes some of the products we carry in this video.

Summary of the Nitro Phos Fertilizers & Other Products Video

Note: The summary has been updated to reflect our recommendations as of 2021. Please call us at 281-431-7441 for tailored recommendations for your lawn situation.

– – Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass, and most of our videos are either done in my office sitting at my desk, or out in the field. Today we’re going to go out in the field, and look at several of the issues that plague St. Augustine, especially in the hot hot summer months, July and August months.

Nitro Phos Fertilizers - Imperial Lawn Fertilizer
Nitro Phos Fertilizers – Imperial Lawn Fertilizer

In the last year we’ve started carrying several products that can treat some of these issues. These issues come around every year, and we would like to be part of the solution.

There are several different things that Nitro Phos carries, that they carry, they’re known for the Nitro Phos fertilizers, but they carry several other chemicals and that do really well on things like brown patch, and some of the different bugs like sod webworms, and chinch bugs. So, Nitro Phos is who supplies us with most of our stuff.

Nitro Phos Fertilizers We Recommend

The first thing I would like to go over with you is we’ve got a display of kind of everything here, on our wall. The thing we sell most is probably the fertilizer product that Nitro-Phos is known best for — their Imperial Lawn Fertilizer. It’s just a good balanced fertilizer to put out most of the times of year.

We also carry their Superturf fertilizer which has a little more nitrogen, but it’s slow release nitrogen, and so it lasts a little bit longer. You don’t get that big burst of green, but it last about three months, so that’s a good thing.

We also have, over here, we don’t have it up because it’s not spring time, and the only time that you would put out something like this, this is the, everybody talks about the Weed & Feed, and this is a good one. It’s got the active ingredient is Atrazine, and it’s a good one for St. Augustine lawns. So, we will have that in the spring time, but you don’t use this anytime other than spring, so we don’t keep it displayed.

We also carry Nitro-Phos Weed & Feed with Trimec for use on St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia grass lawns.

Fungicides We Recommend

Some of the good chemicals that we carry, I guess I would talk about brown patch first. You know, brown patch comes around in the spring transition time, and it also comes back around in the fall. Here on the Gulf Coast, I find that fall is usually the worst one of those.

We recommend Heritage G Fungicide. If you can start putting it out in late August or early September that’s usually the best time. The rule of thumb for brown patch is when you’ve got nights in the 60’s and days in the 80’s, that’s when brown patch rears its head.

Heritage G is also the produce we recommend for gray leaf spot. That’s a problem that we see most of summer, June, July, August, but especially July and August when it gets really hot and really humid. Gray leaf spot is worse if we get some rains and especially in the shadier areas of your lawn.

We actually recommend when people plant St. Augustine in the summertime, that they put out Heritage G right after they plant the new grass. The farm will put down a fungicide, but usually most fungicides, they might only last two or three weeks or so.

Houston Grass Heritage G
Heritage G at Houston Grass

We recommend a fungicide because you’re dumping so much water on this new grass that’s really got a lot of nitrogen in it.  This is because our farm takes really good care of our grass, and it’s fertilized really well.  But that nitrogen also invites this gray leaf spot. So, we recommend treating every couple of weeks with the Heritage G on new grass.

Brown Spots Indicate Gray Leaf Spot

We’ve got some pictures displayed here in our office that show the little, the way you know you have it is you see the yellow chlorotic looking grass. That’s how it kind of first starts, or you see the little brown freckles on an individual blade. Some people say it looks kind of like a cigarette burned a little spot on blade of grass. That’s how it starts, and then it spreads that chlorotic looking look.

Insecticides We Recommend

Another thing we carry because it’s an issue, it’s a big issue this time of year, and every year they come around, but here in the last two years, the sod webworms have been worse than they have ever been in Houston because we haven’t had much of a winter to kill them off. They lay over, during the winter in the thatch layers of the grass, and they can really cause damage. They really show up July and August. They show up and they can be a real problem as well.

For those we recommend, we have a couple of different things. Our granular insecticide recommendation is Wisdom granular. It’s really good for a lot of things including chinch bugs that start rearing their head. The hotter and drier it is in the summer, if you’ve got some drought stressed grass, the chinch bugs can move in, and also the sod webworms.

This is a good product as well as this new one we’ve got that attaches to the end of your hose which is called Cyonara, it’s kind of a funny name. It’s obviously because it’s a liquid, you put it on the end of your hose, you open up this little valve here, and start putting it out, and it’s a contact killer. So I don’t suspect that you get a whole lot of, it’s not going to last out there for very long. But if you have active insects, whether they be chinch bugs, or sod webworms, that would be one that would be real good at killing those.

Visit Houston Grass for Your Nitro Phos Fertilizers and Other Products

Come to our office if you’ve got these issues. You can find Nitro-Phos fertilizers at a lot of different places. It’s not sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot, but a lot of the Ace Hardware stores carry it. If you’re in the South part of Houston come see us.

We’ve got pictures showing you the symptoms of each of some the different things, and Shannon and myself are both very knowledgeable. You bring us a picture, or send us a picture, and we can help you diagnose your issue, and hopefully get you on the road to recovery.

We’re located just off Highway 6 in Arcola on McKeever Road.  It’s a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  You can call us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email through our contact form.

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