Best Houston Brown Patch Treatment & Prevention

What’s the best brown patch treatment for your Houston area lawn? We now recommend Heritage G. In this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about brown patch and a brown patch treatment you can use to you can keep your lawn looking great through the fall. Our recommended brown patch treatment has changed since this video was made — we now recommend Heritage G. Call 281-431-7441 with your questions.

Brown Patch Treatment and Prevention

Summary of Michael’s Video About Brown Patch Treatment

– – Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass here in Arcola and I am in a backyard here today. We’re in August right now, so we’re we’re not talking about, we’re not seeing brown patch yet, but it is just around the corner, and I wanted to do a video so we could get it out there so that everybody can be can know kind of what to be looking for.

What is Brown Patch?

Brown Patch in a Houston Lawn

Brown patch is a soil-born fungus that plagues this part of the world in actually several types of grass, but St. Augustine is what we’re talking about primarily. Brown patch shows up in in the fall and the spring here, and I would say that the fall brown patch is normally worse than the spring brown patch. So late August into early September is when you really have to start looking for it because it’s a really hard one to control.

If you treat it preventatively it’s much easier.  The rule of thumb is to pay attention to the temperature when we’re having nights in the 60s and days in the 80s. So, basically that temperature just backs down a little bit from those 80s and 90s.

When you get those 60s nights, within five to seven days you’ll start to see the little yellow rings, especially in the low-lying areas of your yard or the shadier parts, the parts that stay damp just a little bit longer during the day. They look sort of like crop circles. They look like they’re yellow rings and they’re usually fairly distinctive and they start as small rings normally, and then they grow overtime if left untreated.

How to Know if Brown Patch Treatment Will Work

The way you tell active from inactive brown patch areas is the bright yellow circle around the outside of the ring.  You’ll see the bright yellow circle if it’s active, and you’ll know that you need to treat chemically for that if it’s active. Like I said the best thing to do is pay attention to those temperatures.

We Recommend Heritage G Fungicide for Brown Patch Treatment

In early September. I treat my lawn with Heritage G. That’s the best brown patch treatment out there that homeowners can get their hands on. I believe that our farm even uses uses that from time to time. And it’s a really good product.

You should put it out when the first cold front that comes through.  That’s probably a good indicator of those temperatures dropping. Pay attention to that.  The Heritage G is a granule. You put it out with your spreader, and then you water it in. You should read the label, but I think it probably say a quarter inch of water, so maybe you’d water for an hour to an hour and a half with your hose.

Every three weeks you should treat again until the grass goes totally into dormancy. So you might have to apply it two or three times in the fall.

Brown patch can also occur in the spring, but the fall brown patch is one that seems to catch me the worst always, so that’s the one I kind of concentrate on. In the spring, brown patch does kill the grass in the middle and as the circle grows out, but you’ll see new growth coming up in the middle as that circle gets bigger.  As the weather warms up and your grass grows out, you’ll see the new grass repair the damage caused by brown patch.

When you have those brown patch circles going in the winter, you’ll be looking at those brown circles most of the winter.  You’re going to be plagued with all winter long, and even though it’ll be inactive, it’ll be just kind of ugly to look at.

We Have Heritage G Fungicide at our Office in Arcola

So, that’s something to think about, and like I said that Heritage G is a great brown patch treatment. It’s really easy to put out. You should do the brown patch treatment proactively, and not wait till you’ve got big, brown circles out in your yard. That’s the primary thing that I would say.

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