Best Fungicide for Brown Patch & Gray Leaf Spot

What’s the best fungicide for brown patch and gray leaf spot in Houston lawns? How should you apply it? Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine has that information for you in this video. Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your lawn project.

What’s the Best Fungicide for Brown Patch and How to Use It

I ordered a pallet of the Palmetto St. Augustine to be delivered to my house. Michael, the owner, delivered it personally. He also spent some time with me discussing the care that the Palmetto requires to prevent fungus. On the whole, I am very pleased with my purchase and would use them again.

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Summary of the Best Fungicide for Brown Patch in Houston Lawns

What’s the best fungicide to prevent brown patch in Houston lawns? What’s the best fungicide to treat brown patch if you fail to prevent it? The answer to both questions is Heritage G, and we carry it at Houston Grass.

Brown Patch with Yellow Circles

I’d like to talk about brown patch fungus a little to start. Brown patch comes around twice a year. It attacks lawns when we are transitioning from summer into fall. And it also kills grass when we are transitioning from winter into spring.

It is those big, ugly, yellow, bright yellow circles that appear in your yard in the St. Augustine primarily. There are several things that you can use to treat it.

We’ve tried several fungicides for brown patch over the years. However we have recently started carrying a product we can strongly recommend as the best fungicide for brown patch and it’s called Heritage G.

How to Prevent and Treat Brown Patch

Heritage G is a granular fungicide that you can put out in early September. You treat again three weeks later. If you apply those two Heritage G treatments you can prevent those ugly brown yellow circles from showing up in your yard.

You can also do the same thing in early spring which for the Houston area is probably early February. Then again it takes two treatments so you put out the second treatment 21 days later.

Using the Heritage G to prevent brown patch from getting a hold is definitely the best way to to fight the fungus. But if you already have the circles in your yard, you can put out Heritage G, and it will stop the brown patch circles from getting any bigger, and it will allow the grass to recuperate as well.

If you see bright yellow along the outer perimeter of that brown patch circle, the fungus is active and spreading. Once you treat with Heritage G, after a week to 10 days you’ll notice that the bright yellow goes away. That’s how you know that the fungus is inactive.

Nothing is going to reverse the effects of that fungus, but over time the new grass will grow out again — usually from the middle of the circle.

So we just wanted to let everybody know that we’ve got Heritage G fungicide and the best fungicide we’ve found for preventing and treating brown patch in Houston lawns. We definitely recommend people use it twice a year to keep brown patch at bay.

We sell two different size bags — we sell a 10 pound bag and a 30 pound bag. It is just very good stuff. We recommend that you put a treatment reminder on your phone twice a year.

You can get Heritage G from us or from one of the hardware stores or you can get it online. You cannot get it at Lowes or Home Depot or the big box stores. So, please keep that in mind.

Get the Best Fungicide for Brown Patch at Houston Grass

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