How to Do Lawn Freeze Recovery after the 2021 Texas Polar Blast

How do I do a lawn freeze recovery after the big Texas freeze of 2021? Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about freeze recovery for your grass in this video. If you have questions, please call our office at 281-431-7441.

Lawn Freeze Recovery for Your Houston Area Lawn

Summary of the Lawn Freeze Recovery Video

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Well, it’s currently the end of February, and about a week ago the world was freezing in the Houston area. I look out my office window, and it looks like I am in Denver, Colorado, as opposed to Houston, Texas. Everything is as brown as I can remember it being. It looks like a different world out there. Everything is totally dormant.

We’re getting lots of phone calls daily about what do I need to do with my grass to give it a kick to get it back in gear and ready for spring. Or some people ask is my grass dead?

The answer is definitely not. We didn’t have enough days below freezing. I’d predict at least in Houston area, we’re going to see very little dead grass due to the freeze. But what I am going to do in this video is talk about how to do a lawn freeze recovery for your grass.

I’ve been reading Randy Lemmon’s information and his recommendations are consistent with the steps I describe here. We carry Nitro Phos fertilizers, and that’s what Randy Lemmon recommends as well.

Like I said, it’s the end of February right now. I’m going to wait until mid March and probably the second half of March to take action. You have to make sure that the last frost has come and gone.

Freeze Recovery Starts with a Lawn Haircut

Randy Lemmon suggested that whatever cutting height you mow your grass on normally, drop it down two notches from that. Don’t scalp your lawn, but give it a pretty good haircut.

Here’s the reason why you want to be sure that the last frost is behind us. If you give your lawn that haircut too early, and we get a frost in a week or two, your new grass is vulnerable. You’ve got all that new green, fresh grass starting to come through. It will knock your new grass back even further. So you don’t want to do that close mowing until you’re relatively sure we’re past our last frost.

Bag and Remove Your Clippings

Like I said, I’m going to wait till the second half of March. I’m going to go out there, I’m going to drop my mower two notches, and I’m going to bag all that dead stuff up.

If you just cut the grass and leave it, all it’s going to do is increase the thatch layer that’s down below the plant. You want to rake or bag that dead material. However you get it out of there, get as much of that dead material off your lawn as you can.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Then immediately after I do that mowing, I’m going to follow it with the Nitro-Phos Imperial fertilizer. That’s the 15-5-10 combination, which is what we sell here.

If you have some weeds, that would be the time to put out the weed and feed, either the Nitro Phos purple or the turquoise bag which is still the same 15-5-10 fertilizer in the bag. The weed and feeds have either atrazine or Trimec as a weed killer. We have another video describing when you might use atrazine and when you’d choose Trimec in your weed and feed.

Then immediately — as in the same day or the next morning — I’m going to follow that with a good half inch of water. This would be from your sprinkler or irrigation system if rain is not predicted of that kind of quantity.

Summary of Lawn Freeze Recovery

So mow your grass off short, and then bag and remove your clippings. As soon as you can you want to fertilize, and then water your grass with about half an inch of water. Following those steps will really give your grass a good head start.

So you’ve got any questions about that please feel free to give us a call at 281-431-7441. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Get Your Lawn Off to a Great Start

Follow our lawn freeze recovery steps to get your lawn off to a great start for 2021! We have the Nitro Phos fertilizers you need to kick your lawn into gear for the year.