Can You Buy Palmetto Grass Seed

Can You Use Palmetto Grass Seed for Your Houston Area Lawn?

We often get asked if we sell Palmetto grass seed.  The answer is that we don’t because it doesn’t exist.  But even if it did exist, it wouldn’t be the best way for you to get a great looking lawn.  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine explains in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

Summary of the Palmetto Grass Seed Video

– – We get asked about if we sell seeds for a lot of grasses, including Palmetto grass seed, and I understand the appeal. That would be a certainly a cheaper way and certainly an easier way to plant grass, but unfortunately there is no such thing. There is no Palmetto, St. Augustine seed, nor is there any other kind of St. Augustine seed that I’m aware of.

People see the seed heads that it produces but no one has found a way, a commercially viable way to be able to harvest and produce that seed and be able to do anything with it. A lot of these grasses, even if they do produce a seed head, the seeds are sterile, and so that doesn’t do any good as well.

There is to my knowledge one type of Zoysia that might grow from seeds and I can’t even think of the name of it right now but there is one type of Zoysia.

Common Bermuda Grass Grows from Seed, But Do You Want That?

If you really want to plant seed along the Texas Gulf Coast, Common Bermuda grass is it because that seed is so readily available. That’s what you see the highway crews spreading — the green stuff on the road sides — that’s a slurry of Common Bermuda grass seed and a lot of nutrients and mulch to get the stuff to stick.

If you want to put out seed, Common Bermuda grass is what you’re going to get more than likely, and we spend our time getting rid of Common Bermuda grass in people’s yards, I wouldn’t ever recommend putting out Common Bermuda grass for a residential application. It’s stringy and it’s coarse. I guess with the right maintenance you can make it look okay but there’s just a lot better alternatives out there than the regular Common Bermuda grass.

Some homeowners will checkerboard grass pieces or try planting grass plugs. We talk to people a few times a week who are trying that. They get tired of waiting on it to fill in, and they’re calling us for some grass seed to put out that’s going to cover up all this dirt. Common Bermuda grass isn’t the answer, and this is the reason why we don’t recommend trying to checkerboard grass pieces or trying to save money by planting grass plugs.

You Don’t Want to Grow Your Lawn from Seed in Texas

If you’re from a Northern area with cool season grasses like Bluegrass and fescue, you may be used to growing a lawn from seed.  Here in the Texas Gulf Coast area, the weeds grow faster than the good grass and they will cover any bare dirt very quickly from weed seeds blown onto that dirt.  Rather than save money by purchasing a Palmetto grass seed or any other lawn grass seed, you’ll spend lots of money on herbicides trying to kill all of those weeds without killing your lawn grass.  You probably won’t succeed in that effort.  So the best strategy for Houston area homeowners is to use grass sod to establish a lawn and prevent the weeds from taking root.

Why Choose Houston Grass

Houston Grass delivers grass grown on our family farm just outside Bay City, Texas.  We’ve been growing grass there since 1981.  We know how much effort and expense goes into growing the best quality grass available on the Texas Gulf Coast so we’re confident in the quality we deliver to our customers with every piece and pallet of grass we sell.

You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver it to your project site.  We also offer installation services.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for information and a price quote. Please also check our reviews and testimonials from customers.