Hydroseeding vs Sod

Hydroseeding vs Sod – What’s Best for Houston Homeowners?

Call 281-431-7441 for information about what’s best — hydroseeding vs sod.  You may have the impression that you can hire a hydroseeding company to come out to your home and spray in a lawn.  We all see hydro-seeding or hydro-mulching being used along highways to cover the bare dirt left after construction.  In this video, Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about what hydroseeding is and how to answer the hydroseeding vs sod question, for a Houston area homeowner.

Here’s the hydroseeding vs sod video:

Here’s the transcription of the hydroseeding vs sod video:

Seeding versus sod. That is a question that also includes hydroseeding, some people call it, or hydro-mulching, versus solid sodding, which means taking pieces of grass off a pallet and basically converting a bare area to a new, beautiful lawn overnight. As opposed to hydroseeding which is where they show up and spray out a slurry of mainly common Bermuda grass seed mixed with some fertilizer and water, and other things in there to basically cover an area. And then it takes several months of watering and care for the seeds to sprout and then for the grass to come about.

We do not offer hydroseeding. It could be a good answer for someone doing a commercial project or an acreage project where instant beautification is not necessary. We only sell grass by the pallet or by the roll, and it obviously has it’s advantages as you get an instant, pretty lawn.

What about hydro-seeding vs sod for Houston homeowners?
What about hydro-seeding vs sod for Houston homeowners?

But I would probably say that it’s probably a little bit more expensive to do the solid sodding, but for smaller projects it is the only way to go. The hydro-mulching companies, the hydroseeding companies, when they come there is usually a minimum amount that they’re going to show up for and it’s probably to the tune of 10,000+ square feet. And if you don’t have something along those lines then it’s not a viable option for a project much smaller than that. One of the other disadvantages to the hydro-mulching is that is only common Bermuda grass that comes out. There is no commercialy, viable St. Augustine seed out there so there’s no way to get a seeded, St. Augustine yard.

And the disadvantages, I would say, to the common Bermuda grass is that common Bermuda grass is mainly what they use on the roadsides and in places where the aesthetics are not as important. Common Bermuda grass is usually described as coarse and stringy. There are varieties of Bermuda grass that you see on the golf courses, and what not, that are real soft and small leaves, and short distances between the leaves on the stem, and those make for nice yard grasses, as long as you have zero shade.

That is another thing about Bermuda grass is that all of the Bermuda grasses require 100% sunlight. If there is a tree close by, or a two story house, or a fence, or the corner of two fences, or anything like that, the Bermuda grass will not survive long at all. Whereas even the the Raleigh-St. Augustine has fairly good shade tolerance under conditions like that. And then we also have the Palmetto-St. Augustine that does even better under shadier conditions.

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Houston Grass South sells grass sod from our family farm in Bay City, TX.  That fact underlies our confidence in the quality of our sod products.  We know how the grass is cared for so we know that our customers will be getting the best grass sod available in the Houston area and at a great price too!

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