Why Choose Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod

Why would you pick Palmetto St. Augustine grass for your Houston area lawn? Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about the advantages and disadvantages of Palmetto St. Augustine in this video. Call 281-431-7441 for quick answers to your questions and a quote for your project. Houston Grass delivers quality grass direct from our family farm to your home!

Why Choose Palmetto St. Augustine Grass?

Summary of Michael’s Video on Palmetto St. Augustine Grass

Here we are in our Palmetto St. Augustine grass plot. We ran out of room for sample grass plots, so the Palmetto St. Augustine is what we have planted all the way around the office.

The Palmetto St. Augustine, when you compare it to the Raleigh, it is certainly a finer-bladed and more dense grass. It’s really a nice looking grass.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I ordered a pallet of the Palmetto St. Augustine to be delivered to my house. Michael, the owner, delivered it personally. He also spent some time with me discussing the care that the Palmetto requires to prevent fungus. On the whole, I am very pleased with my purchase and would use them again.  Jay O’Connor on Google – 05/23/17


Jay O’Connor

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It Has Good Shade Tolerance

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod - Houston Grass
Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod – Houston Grass

Palmetto St. Augustine grass has fairly good shade tolerance compared to other grasses. It can subsist on about four to five hours of direct sunlight per day with filtered sunlight throughout the rest of the day.

So if you’ve got fairly a good size tree but you get some good morning and evening sun, and you’ve trimmed the tree so some good sunlight gets through, the Palmetto St. Augustine could be a good alternative.

It’s no miracle grass so don’t think that you can put it underneath a couple of 50 year old oak trees and it’s going to thrive.  All these grasses prefer 100% sunlight, but a lot of people are just looking for a grass that can grow up underneath some trees. Palmetto St. Augustine grass is something that should probably be considered.

Similar Watering Requirements to Other Grass Varieties

As far as watering requirements, it’s similar to the rest of the grasses. Palmetto needs one inch of water per week.  If it’s not raining outside and you’re not getting that one inch of water per week, you need to irrigate either out of a hose a couple of hours at a time, twice a week, or with an irrigation system 15 or 20 minutes per grass zone.

Two to three times a week is usually what I recommend there, which is similar to the watering requirements for the rest of the grasses that we take care of.

To have the nicest, most lush lawn, one inch of water per week is ideal. You can over-water, but under-watering is normally the biggest problem. When your grass has dried out is when you run in the problem with chinch bugs and things like that. One thing to note about the Palmetto St. Augustine is that the gray leaf spot fungus can be an issue when you plant it because of the extra watering needed at that time.

Preventing Fungus in Palmetto Grass

When you first plant your grass in the shade, you can over-water Palmetto St. Augustine grass and cause gray leaf spot.  (Click for our video blog post on treating gray leaf spot in new lawns.)  Gray leaf spot is a fungus that thrives on excessive nitrogen and excessive moisture, and if you put your grass in the shade and it never gets to dry out, gray leaf spot can occur.  

The need to lay sod grass in a shaded area is normally the reason people are buying Palmetto St. Augustine.  Then in the heat of the summer with lots of moisture, it makes it easy for the fungus to get established.

We carry the Heritage G you need to prevent gray leaf spot.  Most of the year you’re watching for hot spots and stuff like that.  If you water the grass one inch per week, it ought to do fine.

The Palmetto is certainly a grass that should be considered whether you’ve got a 100% sunlight or you’re trying to get some grass to grow in some shade. It’s a really nice-looking turf because of its thickness and its thinner blades. As far as price, it is a little bit more expensive than the other St. Augustine grasses, but it can be a real good solution for a lot of homeowners.

We Deliver the Best Grass Sod in the Houston Area

Palmetto St. Augustine grass sod can be a great choice for many situations, but some of the other grass varieties we carry might be a better choice for your situation. Call us at 281-431-7441 for help in picking the best grass for your project.

Whatever variety you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting very high quality grass at a very competitive price.  Our family has been in the grass business since 1981 and our focus has always been on growing the very best grass sod in Southeast Texas.

Our office is located in Arcola, TX, at the intersection of Highway 6 and McKeever Road, just a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver to your project area.  We can also arrange for installation.  

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