We Recommend Heritage G Fungicide

After trying lots of fungicides over the years, we recommend and we carry Heritage G. It works well to prevent and control gray leaf spot, summer patch, and brown patch, when you use it according to the label in several applications. Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

We Recommend Heritage G for Gray Leaf Spot and Brown Patch

Summary of the Heritage G Fungicide Video

Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass. And today I’d like to talk about one of the products we carry.

We got into carrying products because one of the big lawn issues we have in our part of the world is fungus. And the fungus we see most often affects St. Augustine grass. We also see fungus in some of the Zoysia grasses, but most people around the Houston area have St. Augustine grass.

It Works for a Variety of Fungus Problems

I’d say the biggest fungus culprit is the brown patch that we see show up in the fall. If we have a particularly wet summer, you’ll see summer patch too. Brown patch and summer patch have a bright, distinct yellowing around the edges of the affected area of your lawn.

This Heritage G does an excellent job in treating fungus attacking Houston lawns. It is a granular fungicide that treats all of them well.

We carry this product in two different sized bags. This is a 10-pound bag, and we also have a 30-pound bag. The 30-pound bag treats up to 15,000 square feet.

How to Apply Heritage G

Your best strategy is to put Heritage G out preventatively. If you’ve lived in your house long enough, you know where and when brown patch and other fungus problems are likely to appear in your lawn. We also see gray leaf spot in the summer in the Houston area.

The 30-pound bag actually will treat up to 15,000 square feet. No matter what fungus you have, you do two applications of this product. So you put it out, and then 14 to 21 days later, you put it out again, and it is very effective.

The way you know that Heritage G is working for summer patch and brown patch is you see the bright yellow areas go away. When brown patch and summer patch are spreading, you’ll see those bright yellow areas, usually along the edges of the affected areas of your lawn.

So that’s how you know the chemical is doing its job. It doesn’t reverse the effects of the fungus, but you’ll see the green grass start to come back. It will usually be growing from the center of the circle on out. This should be happening after the second application of Heritage G when you stop the fungus from spreading. And that’s just how your grass recovers.

Get Your Heritage G at Houston Grass

So, Heritage G is a fantastic product. We sell it in both sizes, the 10-pound, and the 30-pound bag. It’s definitely something that you should keep in your arsenal.

Again, Heritage G is probably the most effective fungicide that we have found for the different fungi we encounter in our part of the world.

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