What Are Shade Tolerant St. Augustine Grasses?

What are shade tolerant St. Augustine grasses suitable for Houston area lawns? Many Houston area neighborhoods have mature trees or tall structures, and you’ll need shade tolerant grasses in those areas.  In this video, Michael Romine talks about the shade tolerant St. Augustine grasses adapted for the Houston area.  If you have questions, please call us at 281-431-7441.

What are Shade Tolerant St. Augustine Grasses?

Summary of Michael’s Video About Shade Tolerant St. Augustine Grasses

What are some tolerant St. Augustine grasses? The ones that we carry have some shade tolerance — Raleigh St. Augustine, and Palmetto St. Augustine.

The Raleigh St. Augustine needs more sunlight. It needs six or seven hours of direct sunlight per day. The Palmetto St. Augustine looks similar, but it only needs four or five hours of direct sunlight per day. Palmetto St. Augustine has a little bit finer blade, and it’s a little bit denser as far as amount of vegetation per square inch. You can lay them next to each other, and to the untrained eye you’re not going to be able to tell the difference.

Beautiful Palmetto St Augustine grass. Delivered on time and at a reasonable price. I needed to purchase a half pallet more than I had delivered so I went to Arcola/Rosharon and they loaded it on my pickup with a forklift. The place is easy to locate and a quick on and off hwy 6. From website research to phone order to delivery and storefront purchase, everything was professional and seamless.  But most of all, they are really helpful, and nice people.  That always makes me remember to write a review.

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Combine Raleigh with Palmetto St. Augustine for Shade Tolerance while Saving Money

If you lay Raleigh and Palmetto side by side, you can hardly tell the difference. So you can cover a shady part of your yard with Palmetto St. Augustine and cover the sunnier parts of your yard with Raleigh St. Augustine to save some money. Raleigh St. Augustine costs less than Palmetto St. Augustine.

If you’re losing grass now in the shadier parts of your Raleigh St. Augustine yard and you don’t want to replace your whole yard, you can use Palmetto St. Augustine to cover the shadier areas.

How to Measure the Amount of Sunlight Your Lawn Gets

Most people don’t know how much sunlight their lawns get. How can you measure that?

On a sunny day you go out with your phone, and take a snapshot every hour or two hours. Then at the end of the day you scroll through your pictures, and it will show you the different areas and whether they are sunlit or not. If you have a security camera set up, you can scroll through the images and see which areas may be a problem.

The four hours of sunlight is an absolute minimum. If you don’t get that, the grass will not thrive. It will probably disappear over time. Perhaps you can get more sunlight by removing the bottom branches of a tree, or raising and thinning, or getting rid of trees.

You’ve got to get that amount of sunlight, if you want to be able to grow grass in your yard in this part of the world. Constant shade will thin even shade tolerant grasses.

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