Watering Established Lawns

How Should You Be Watering Established Lawns

Watering established lawns in the Houston area
Watering established lawns in the Houston area

Call 281-431-7441 for the best turfgrass sod available in the Houston area.  You’ve installed your new lawn and you want to keep it looking great — so how much watering should you do for an established lawn?  The amount of water you want to apply to your lawn will depend on the season of the year and the amount of rain you receive.  The water totals below include water from your sprinklers or irrigation system and the water received from rain.  We have a very comprehensive tip sheet to help you care for your lawn.

Note that with average water pressure, a “wand” style sprinkler will put out about two-tenths inch of water per hour so it takes 5 hours to put out 1 inch of water. To verify your particular water output, purchase a rain gauge and put it in the area to be watered. If you have a sprinkler system, we would highly recommend that you do this.


You should apply 1 inch of water to established lawns every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to compensate for rainfall.


This is the time when the grass is growing and temperatures are warmer so you should apply 1 inch of water to established lawns (two-1/2 inch waterings if runoff is an issue) every week.


Once the daytime temperature consistently stays below 80 degrees, you should reduce watering to 1 inch every 2-3 weeks so as to not promote Brown Patch.


Resume the winter watering schedule with 1 inch every 2-3 weeks.

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