What’s Gray Leaf Spot

What’s Gray Leaf Spot and How to Treat It?

Call 281-431-7441.  In this video about gray leaf spot, Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about how gray leaf spot occurs and what you can do to treat the problem.

Here’s Michael Romine talking about Gray Leaf Spot in St. Augustine grasses.

Gray Leaf Spot is also an issue with the St. Augustines in general that it can be an issue. Basically it appears as little brown freckles on the green leaf of grass and that’s the first sign.

Grey Leaf Spot, not that it’s predominant in the Palmetto St. Augustine, but because Palmetto St. Augustine is usually put in the shade and it’s a fungus and it never gets to dry out, you really have no choice. The Grey Leaf Spot comes from excessive nitrogen, excessive moisture, and then you throw it under the shade and those are really good conditions for creating that fungus.

Gray leaf spot affects Houston area lawns
Gray leaf spot affects Houston area lawns

It’s usually, again, a June, July, August problem because it has to have the heat as well, so you’ve got to be careful about watching that when you lay that new grass. When you water it excessively, you have no choice but to water it excessively, but when you do that, you create conditions for Gray Leaf Spot. And if you’re in the shade, like with the Palmetto St. Augustine, it can really be an issue.

It’s something just to be aware of. You have no choice but, again, to water that grass in thoroughly when you lay it that first week, especially, in two weeks it stays pretty damp. I have found though that once you start backing off of it after two weeks, if the grass is out in the sun and whatnot, that sun will dry that out and it kills that fungus and takes care of itself. However, if you’re up under the trees, it can be a little bit bigger problem, so anyways, that’s something to keep in mind.

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Texas A&M University has a world-famous turfgrass research program and its website, Aggie Turfgrass, has extensive information about the weeds and the insects that can impact Texas lawns.  It’s a fantastic resource to help you identify the weeds or the insects that might be affecting your lawn grass.  A&M is working on a similar page on lawn diseases, we’ll include that link when it’s available.

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