How to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed

Is It Worthwhile to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed?

We’re answering a question about growing Zoysia grass in this video.  The question is about how to plant Zoysia grass seed.  We get lots of questions about growing grass from seed and from plugs in the Houston area.  Here’s Michael’s answer to the question.

Summary of How to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed

How to plant Zoysia grass seed? I’m not real sure. I suppose that there are some types of Zoysia out there that there are seeds available for. As far as I know, the one we sell is the Palisades Zoysia. There is no seed available for it.

I am not aware of any Zoysia in this part of the world that can be planted with a seed. The way we do it, we do it just like we do the rest of our grasses. We sell it by the 16×24-inch piece, and you lay that on a bare piece of ground and it attaches itself and roots down, and it does a great job. But I am not aware of any way to plant Zoysia grass seed.

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed
How to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed

Part of the expectation about growing Zoysia or other common Houston lawn grasses from seed may come from those who move to the Houston area from places where you see Kentucky Bluegrass or fescue.  Many of those grasses can be grown from seed.  Common Bermuda grass can also be grown from seed, but it’s not favored as a lawn grass because it grows seed heads and they detract from its appearance.

Houston Grass South delivers grass sod from our family farm in Bay City, where we’ve been in the grass business since 1981.  We offer our customers top-quality grass at very competitive prices.  Some of our most popular grass varieties are Raleigh St. Augustine for full-sun applications, Palmetto St. Augustine for partial-sun areas, Tifway 419 and TexTurf 10 Bermuda grasses for high-traffic, full-sun projects, and Palisades Zoysia grass when you want the very best grass for most lawn applications.  We also carry more shade-tolerant Zoysia varieties — Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia.

If you have questions, please call our office at 281-431-7441 or send us an email using our contact form.