How Does Zoysia Spread

How Does Zoysia Spread Across Bare Spots?

We received a question asking “how does Zoysia spread”?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.

Summary of How Does Zoysia Spread

How Does Zoysia Spread
How Does Zoysia Spread

How does Zoysia spread? Zoysia spreads like a lot of the other grasses, especially the Bermuda grasses. You’ve got the rhizomes that grow under the ground and the stolons that grow across the ground.

The thing that’s different about Zoysia is that it spreads at a much slower rate than the rest of the grasses. It’s just its growth habit is a lot slower, and that’s an advantage as far as the person who’s having to mow the yard, but if someone is considering, say, when they’re planting new grass, if they’re considering spacing the pieces out or chopping it up and doing the plugs, or something like that, which we absolutely don’t recommend.  You can look at some of our other videos and see what our thoughts are on that.

But Zoysia has a very slow growth habit and does spread very slowly. It’s got good drought tolerance, good traffic tolerance, and all that, but when it is damaged, it does grow back a lot slower than the rest of these grasses.

If you have questions about using Zoysia grass sod for your project, please call our office at 281-431-7441.  You can also send us an email by using our contact form.

The grass we sell at Houston Grass is grown on our family farm in Bay City, so we know how the grass is grown and can feel confident in the high-quality of the grass.  Our family has been growing grass in Bay City since 1981.

We offer seven varieties of grass to meet the needs of your project.  Our most popular grass variety is Raleigh St. Augustine and it does very well in most full-sun applications around the Houston area.  A shade-tolerant variety of St. Augustine grass is Palmetto St. Augustine.  We offer two varieties of the full-sun, fast-growing Bermuda grasses — Tifway 419 and TexTurf 10.  For those who are willing to pay more for a beautiful, slow-growing grass, we offer the Palisades Zoysia grass and the fine-bladed Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia grasses.