Why Pick Cavalier Zoysia Grass

The primary reason you might pick Cavalier Zoysia grass for your lawn is it’s beautiful appearance. Our Cavalier Zoysia grass provides you with a thick, fine-textured lawn with a dark green color.  Here’s Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talking about Cavalier Zoysia grass. Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your project.

Why Pick Cavalier Zoysia Grass

Summary of Why Pick Cavalier Zoysia Grass

Why pick Cavalier Zoysia? Well, Zoysia grasses as a whole family are good grasses. They are very, very nice looking. I always tell people that if cost were no object when replacing grass, most people would probably go with a grass like the Cavalier Zoysia or the Emerald Zoysia which is very similar.

Cavalier Zoysia Is Shade Tolerant

The Palisades Zoysia is a little bit thicker bladed Zoysia which I also like a lot, but the Cavalier has very good shade tolerance. It can survive on about four or five hours of direct sunlight per day. The shade tolerance of our Cavalier Zoysia is similar to Palmetto St. Augustine grass, but Cavalier Zoysia produces a thicker turf than the St. Augustine grass.

The easiest way to measure how much sunlight you get is to go out on a sunny day and take a picture with your phone about every hour or two hours and then scroll through and look and see how much light you get in the different areas.
Michael Romine, Houston Grass

In comparison Palisades Zoysia, and Raleigh St. Augustine require six to seven hours of direct sunlight per day. So if you’ve got a fair amount of shade and sunlight along the lines of that four or five hours, Cavalier could certainly be a good grass.

Cavalier Zoysia Grass - Houston Grass
Cavalier Zoysia Grass – Houston Grass

That four or five hours is an absolute minimum. If you get less than that, trees are going to have to be trimmed or removed or whatever, to be able to get it to thrive.

It’s very, very fine bladed and, it feels nice to walk on. I guess the top attribute just like most Zoysia grasses is the fact that it grows a little slower, so you don’t have to mow as frequently. It’s not going to to invade your flower beds and crawl out on your sidewalks and your walkways.

Great Wear and Drought Tolerance Too

It’s got great wear tolerance and drought tolerance. I still say that it needs an inch of water per week during the growing season, if you want it to be pretty and green. But if ever things get real dry and water becomes an issue, the Cavalier is a grass that can survive longer than a lot of other grasses without water.

So that’s something to consider, but I think the reason most people would pick a Cavalier is because it is very nice looking and it feels good, and it has the slower growing habit. And the fourth great attribute would be the fact that it can handle some shade as long as you get that four or five hours of direct sunlight. But Cavalier is just another one of the great Zoysia grasses we grow and it’s certainly worthy of consideration if you’re thinking of changing out a yard or building a new house or whatever case may be.

Price of Cavalier Zoysia Grass

The prices for all of our grass varieties are on our pricing page.  A pallet of grass covers 450 square feet or 50 square yards.  Zoysia is more expensive than our other grass varieties for several reasons.  One reason is that our family farm has to pay royalty fees to the organizations that developed the grass.  Another reason for the price difference is that Zoysia is a slow growing grass so we only get one crop of Zoysia per year on the same land that will produce two crops of St. Augustine or Bermuda grass.

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