Price of Emerald Zoysia Sod

What’s the Price of Emerald Zoysia Sod

You may have heard of Emerald Zoysia grass and Cavalier Zoysia grass be wondering about the price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia for installation on your lawn.  In this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about the price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia compared with the other grasses we sell.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quote for your project.

What’s the Price of Emerald and Cavalier Zoysia

Summary of the Price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia

What is the price of Emerald Zoysia or Cavalier Zoysia? Emerald and Cavalier Zoysia are two fine bladed Zoysias. We also carry Palisades Zoysia which is the little bit coarser bladed Zoysia.

All three of the Zoysia grasses are the most expensive grasses that we carry. We only sell them by the pallet. They all break the $200 per 450 square foot pallet mark, and they’re all within about a five or $10 of one another.

Compared with the St Augustine grasses and Bermuda grasses, they are along the lines of $80 to $90 a pallet more. For exact pricing, please refer to our pricing page on the website.

Why the Price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia Is Higher

There are several reasons why the Zoysia grasses are more expensive. The St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses have been so popular for so long that our family farm has much more acreage planted in those grass varieties than they do in the Zoysias. So availability is one issue with them.

Since many of the Zoysia grass varieties have not been around as long, there are licensing fees and royalty fees that the farm has to pay for the right to grow them.

So that is another reason the price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia is higher. Zoysia grasses grow a lot slower, and particularly the fine bladed Zoysias grow a lot slower than the St Augustine and Bermuda grasses.

The farm may get two crops per year of St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses, but the Zoysias grow back so much slower. So it takes from 12 to 15 months, to grow back a crop of the Zoysia. Because of this slower growth habit, it takes a lot longer to produce a crop. That’s another reason that the price of Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia is higher.

They certainly have their place. They are beautiful grasses — all of the three of the Zoysias. If you’ve got some shade issues and want the aesthetics of a Zoysia, then the Emerald and Cavalier Zoysias are the varieties we’ll recommend to you. However they are more expensive than the St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses.

Why We Don’t Stock Emerald and Cavalier Zoysia Sod at Our Office

The reason that we do only sell most of the varieties of grass by the full pallet is because we don’t get as many requests for them as we do Raleigh St. Augustine grass. Raleigh St. Augustine is readily available everywhere. People come in constantly and need pallets and pieces of it. These other types of grasses are more specialty-types of grass. They are only available by the pallet and by preorder, but we do cut them fresh.

We do ask you to order a couple of days in advance so we can schedule a truck to bring the grass to you or have it ready for you at our office. By harvesting that grass to your order, it is never sitting at our farm and never sitting at our yard, for very long.

We want you to be able to lay your grass sod in your yard within 24 hours of harvesting. That is the reason most of our grasses are only available by the pallet.

We Offer the Best Emerald and Cavalier Zoysia Sod in Houston

At Houston Grass, we focus on the quality of every piece and pallet of grass we deliver.  We’re very competitive in price, but if you take price and quality into account, you’ll buy your grass sod from us.  Our grass sod comes from our family farm in Bay City so we can be assured of the extra care and expense that went into growing it.

If you’re looking for the best quality at a great price, please call Houston Grass at 281-431-7441 today!