What’s the Best Zoysia Sod for Houston?

We have Zoysia sod that’s second to none in quality, but is it the best choice for you? How can you choose the Zoysia that’s right for you? In this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about our three Zoysia varieties and how you might choose between them. Call 281-431-7441 for more information and a quote.

What’s the Best Zoysia Sod for Houston?

You’ve Heard About Zoysia!  Is It The Best Choice for Your Home?

Palisades Zoysia Sod from Houston Grass South in Arcola TX
Palisades Zoysia Sod from Houston Grass

Zoysia sod grass has lots of advantages.  Here at Houston Grass, we have small plots of the grass varieties we offer, and most of the time, our visitors head right for the Palisades Zoysia grass.  It’s more plush, it’s thicker, and it has a finer leaf texture than most other warm season grasses like St. Augustine.  If you take your shoes off and walk on it, it just feels better under your feet, and your feet will leave temporary footprints in the grass.  Our Zoysia grass looks very much like some cool season and transition-zone grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and fescue grasses.  We have three varieties of Zoysia grass — Palisades Zoysia, Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia.

Sunlight Is the Key to Choosing Your Zoysia

Palisades Zoysia grass needs six to seven hours of direct sunlight per day to thrive. Emerald Zoysia and Cavalier Zoysia are more shade tolerant and they only require four to five hours of direct sunlight per day. So how do you know how much sunlight your lawn gets?

Go outside on a sunny day and take a picture every hour or two hours and then scroll back through those pictures at the end of the day. Those pictures will tell you how much sun that you get in an area.

Michael Romine

Depending on your situation, you may be able to create more sunlight by trimming your trees. Without that four to five hours of sunlight each day, even the most shade-tolerant grasses with thin and fade away over time.

How to Take Care of Zoysia

With ordinary care, Zoysia will make your lawn look more like a golf course than any other warm season grass variety.  You can mow it as close as half an inch and the ideal cutting height for home lawns is two and a half inches, so it can look much like the fairways at your golf course.  While the fine-bladed Zoysias — Cavalier and Emerald — look their best mowed short with a reel mower, they still look great mowed to between one and two inches with a sharp-bladed rotary mower.

Zoysia sod costs more than the other grasses we sell, but if you’re willing to invest more for an exceptional looking lawn, then one of our Zoysia varieties might be the grass for you!  

Zoysia also has a significant drought tolerance and traffic tolerance.  You should stop by the Houston Grass office in Arcola, TX, and try the “barefoot walking” test yourself.

Zoysia Grass Disadvantages

So what are the disadvantages of Zoysia grass?  A tendency to develop thatch is one disadvantage. Because it’s so thick, every time you mow it you’re depositing more clipping material on your lawn.  As long as you mow it off short once in awhile, especially in spring, it will do fine.  At our family-owned grass farm, we de-thatch our zoysia by running over the clippings several times with the mower to finely chop up and distribute the material.   You’d also minimize any thatching problem by bagging your clippings.

As mentioned above, the other drawback of Zoysia is the cost.  You can compare our current prices on our Prices page.  Because our Zoysia grasses are slow growing, we can only get one crop of Zoysia each year from land that would produce two crops of St. Augustine or Bermuda grass.  Our Zoysia varieties are also new enough that we have to pay license fees to grow them. Most of our customers decide to go with a great looking St. Augustine turf grass lawn; however, if you’re willing to invest more for a truly exceptional lawn, please consider our Zoysia sod.

Quality Zoysia Sod Direct from Our Farm to Your Home

Houston Grass has the freshest, best sod in the Houston area, and we offer delivery and professional installation services too.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to visit about your next turf grass sod project. The quality of our grass is second to none in the Houston area!