Watering Your Lawn the Smart Way

With last year’s drought a very recent memory, many people call us to ask about the best types of drought resistant grass sod.  We carry eight different types of sod and they all have advantages and disadvantages, but they all need water to grow.  While there are some types of turfgrass sod that tolerate prolonged dry periods a little better than others, to have a lush green lawn you’ll have to water your grass.

Watering Your Lawn the Smart Way
Watering Your Lawn the Smart Way

Whether you do that by moving several sprinklers around your lawn or you have an irrigation system installed, generally speaking your lawn need about an inch of water per week to keep that lush green look.

That inch-per-week should be the total received from rain and from your sprinkler system, so if your lawn gets three inches of rain in an afternoon thunderstorm, you’re wasting water if your automatic sprinkler system fires off at 5 am the next morning.  If you have occasion to drive through your neighborhood early in the morning after an evening rain, you’ll see most of your neighbors’ irrigation systems working to pump more water on saturated lawns.  Don’t do this!  You can save some substantial money on your water bill and still keep your grass looking great if you learn how to operate your sprinkler system and you shut it off for a few days after a substantial rain.

You should also check your sprinkler system periodically to ensure that the heads are working correctly and that you have complete coverage of your lawn.  Again, if you drive around your neighborhood at 5 am some morning, you’ll probably see some neighbors’s irrigation systems with mini-geysers from missing or damaged sprinkler heads and other lawn areas with no water at all due to poor system planning or perhaps grass blocking the sprinkler pop-up mechanism.  Turn your sprinkler system on, during the daytime, and check it to make sure that your sprinkler heads are working correctly and that all of your lawn receives water from your system.

If you learn how to operate your sprinkler system and you use it only to supplement natural rainfall, you’ll have the most drought-tolerant, water-saving lawn in your neighborhood, and your lawn will look great too!  Your water bills will drop and your lawn will be more resistant to fungus and other problems associated with over-watering.

If you have questions about the care of your turf grass sod, drought resistant grass, or about which types of sod are best for your project, please call us at 281-431-7441.  We get our turfgrass from our family farm in Bay City, TX.  We know how it’s grown, and we know the quality and freshness of every piece and pallet of sod we sell.

Our office is located in Arcola, on the south side of Houston.  We’re a few miles east of Sienna Plantation on Highway 6, and we’re just off the Highway on McKeever Road.  You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver it to your project site.  We also offer installation services if you need them.  Our office has small plots of most of our grass varieties so you can barefoot test your grass before you buy.  Check our reviews and testimonials and then call us at 281-431-7441.

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