How to Maintain Bermuda Grass

How to Maintain Bermuda Grass in Your Houston Lawn or Sports Field

Wondering how to maintain Bermuda grass you have in your lawn?  It’s much like other grass varieties with some differences due to Bermuda’s faster growth during Houston’s warm months.  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine explains in this video.  If you need fertilizer or lawn care products to keep your grass looking great, call us at 281-431-7441.

Summary of the How to Maintain Bermuda Grass Video

– – How to maintain Burmuda grass.?  Maintaining Bermuda grass I would say, is about like maintaining a lot of the other grasses that we carry. When people ask the question and they say just Bermuda brass, it leads me to believe that they’re talking about common Bermuda grass which we don’t sell because we don’t think that it belongs in a residential application.

How to Maintain Bermuda Grass But we sell TexTurf 10 Bermuda grass and Tifway 419 and those Bermuda grasses are really nice. They’re used on sports fields and golf courses. And the way you take care of those, is like I say, about like taking care of some of the other St. Augustines.

I would say the difference is Bermuda grass is going to require a maybe couple more fertilizations per year to be the deepest, darkest green it can be. And also, it can be mowed a little bit shorter. The thing about mowing it shorter, it also needs to be mowed more frequently if you want it to have it be as thick, and dense, and look as nice as it can.

You’re talking about mowing it every four or five days as opposed to once a week. During the real growing season, we recommend mowing more than once every seven days anyway for any grass because you’re cutting off. The rule of thumb is you never want to cut off more than a third of the leaf at one time. And, all the grasses are growing faster than that.

If you’re only mowing once every seven days, you’re cutting probably more than half the leaf off when you’re mowing. So if you can increase that mowing frequency, it’s good. Bermuda Grass, it’s particularly important because only the top third of it is green and the bottom two thirds is stem. And you’ve just cut off its ability to collect sunlight and it’s just not good for it at all. It really stresses it out especially in the heat of the summer. You have to follow it up with a big watering if you accidentally do that because if you don’t, you’ll kill it.

So just like the other grasses, I’d say in summary, one inch of water per week. Preferably two half inch waterings. Fertilizing a minimum of three times a year maybe closer to five would probably be better. And you can mow the Bermuda grass a little bit shorter as long as you’re increasing that frequency especially during the growing season.

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