How Long Does It Take Bermuda Grass to Germinate

Do You Want Bermuda Grass to Germinate in Your Yard?

People ask us about buying Bermuda grass seed to germinate in their yards to grow a lawn.  In this climate and with the aggressive and fast growing weeds in the Houston area, we don’t recommend that you try to grow grass from seed.  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine explains in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for help in picking the perfect grass for your project.

Summary of the Bermuda Grass Germinate Video

– – How long does it take Bermuda grass to germinate? I’m not sure, when I hear the term germinate, I suspect that we’re talking about growing Bermuda grass from a seed.

Common Bermuda Grass Germinating from Seed
Common Bermuda Grass Germinating from Seed

We don’t actually recommend that people plant Bermuda grass or any other grass by a seed. If we’re talking about residential applications in the Houston area and around the Texas Gulf Coast, it’s not going to work for you in growing a great looking lawn.

I know on a roadside or maybe some vast open area, that somebody needs to turn dirt into Bermuda grass or into something green, it’s got its place. But probably, in the right conditions, if you spread Bermuda grass seed in the spring, and then add plenty of the input that it’s going to need, sun and water, regular watering, it probably doesn’t take very long until it germinates and you look out there and see at some little bitty green start to take place.

Now how long does it take it to cover a whole area where you can walk out there without getting mud on your shoes? That’s going to be a lot longer, a lot longer process, I would think. And if you’re talking about doing this in your yard, you’re probably going to have so many other weeds that are going to be mixed in there with it that it, like I said, it’s not a feasible way to grow a great looking lawn, in our opinion.

Houston Grass South Delivers the Best Grass Sod in Houston

Your challenge if you plant any grass seed in the Houston area is preventing weeds from germinating and out-competing your grass.  You’ll water and fertilize and the weeds will love the attention.  Then your problem is to kill the weeds without killing your grass.  Good luck!

Grass sod solves that problem by installing a thick layer of healthy, growing grass over the bare dirt in your yard.  The weeds have no chance to become established and if you water your new grass sod and care for it per our tip sheet, your thick grass will diminish your weed issues in future years.

Our grass sod comes from our family farm outside Bay City, where we’ve been growing grass since 1981.  We work hard to grow quality grass and we’re proud of the quality grass sod we produce every year.  If you’d like quality grass sod to enhance the beautify of your home for years to come, please call us at 281-431-7441.  You can also send us a quote request or email us your questions using the contact form.

We offer delivery services and installation services or you can pick up your grass at our office in Arcola.  We can help you load pieces or pallets of grass onto your truck or your trailer.

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