How to Plant Bermuda Grass Seed

How to Plant Bermuda Grass Seed for Houston Area Lawns

Planting Bermuda grass seed is a topic we get calls about.  However, we try to discourage the callers from using seed for their lawns because any bare dirt in the Houston area will be invaded by weeds before seeds can germinate and become established.  Then you’re left trying to figure out how to kill the weeds without killing your grass.  That’s when people call us again for some quality grass sod to complete their projects.

Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about this topic in the video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for help in selecting the best grass variety for your project.

Summary of Planting Bermuda Grass Seed

– – How to plant Bermuda grass seed and how does Bermuda grass reproduce?

Planting Bermuda Grass Seed Results in a Thin Lawn Like This
Planting Bermuda Grass Seed Results in a Thin Lawn Like This

Those are kind of the same thing here. Common Bermuda grass is what I think a lot of people think about when they think about when they ask about Bermuda grass seed, in particular.

We don’t think Common Bermuda grass has a great place in a residential applications. It is the only one, to my knowledge, that’s got a viable seed that you can go buy a bag of grass seed and put it out in your yard, water it, take care of it, fight the weeds, and wait for a while, and you can get a stand of grass out of it. But, Bermuda grass nine times out of 10, that does not work out for people.

They end up calling us, “hey I’m tired of waiting on this “to get some grass in my yard. “What do I need to do to put solid sodding out?” Common Bermuda grass does use a seed to spread itself. It’s what comes up naturally in this part of the world. The other Bermuda grasses, to my knowledge, most, if not all of them, are sterile so they only reproduce from a, at minimum a plug or a sprig or a small piece of grass that’s put in.

So I think that vegetative reproduction is the way they do it. It actually takes a piece of a plant to make a new one.  That’s how that works, unless, like I say, you’re talking about Common Bermuda grass.  We carry two other types of improved Bermuda grass, the TexTurf 10 and Tifway 419 and I know vegetative is the only way you get more of it to grow.

Plan to Use Solid Sod Instead of Bermuda Grass Seed

It takes very little time for weeds to become established on any bare dirt in the Houston area.  The Texas Gulf Coast has the warm temperatures and the moisture to allow weeds to flourish.  Laying grass sod establishes a solid layer of healthy grass over your bare dirt and that makes it hard for weeds to invade your lawn.  Invest in the beauty of your home by investing in quality grass sod for your lawn.  Your investment will pay off for years to come!

We can deliver your grass sod to your project area, and we can arrange for professional installation.  You can also pick up your grass at our office in Arcola, located just south of Highway 6 and a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for information and a quote.  You can also email us a quote request or email us your questions.  Just click the links to be taken to those forms.

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