Can You Plant Grass Sod in the Fall and Winter

Should you plant grass sod in the fall or the winter?  The fall is actually the second best time of the year to plant grass in the Houston area.  Moderate temperatures and the fact that grass is still growing should mean that your sod can root before the grass goes dormant and your watering requirements might be lower too.  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine explains in this video.  Call 281-431-7441 for more information.

Summary of Can You Plant Grass Sod in the Fall and Winter

Can you plant grass sod in the fall? Absolutely.

We sell grass year-round. When someone calls, one of the first questions is usually when is the best time of year to plant grass? And always our answer is March, April and May. Those are the times of year that the temperatures are moderate, and the grass is growing at its fastest pace,  It’s going to put down roots the fastest, and you’re not going to have to water it a ton.

You get to summer and it gets real hot, and you could still plant grass. But it’s the water bill, your water bill is definitely going to show it. Trying to keep it alive in the summer heat requires lots of watering.

Great looking grass to took well after planting. Best pricing I could find with several options (full pallet, half pallet and by the square). Definitely my go to place now for grass!

Patrick R.

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Fall Is a Good Time to Plant Grass Sod

You can plant grass sod in the fall. That would be my second pick, as far as the time of year to plant grass sod, because the temperatures moderate a little bit. It’s not so hard on the grass, you don’t have to water it quite as much.

You Can Plant Grass Sod in the Winter in Houston

Fall Is a Great Time to Install Grass Call 281-431-7441
Fall Is a Great Time to Install Grass Call 281-431-7441

But then we get into winter, and the grass has gone dormant a little earlier than normal this year because we had a couple of hard frosts. I believe early to mid-November were when those frosts occurred.  But you still get days above 80 degrees.  Even in the 70s, mid 70s, the grass is going to be growing a little bit and putting down roots.

But basically during the winter, if you are planting grass sod, you’re laying the grass out there and it’s not growing.  It stays in the block. You put it down, water it real good the first day, and the grass is just laying there for the winter.

As long as you keep the heavy foot traffic off of it, people and animals, off of it for the winter, as soon as those temperatures warm up a little bit in the springtime, it will green up and put down roots. If you’ve bought a new house, or you’ve got a dog that’s wallowed a hole in the backyard, you don’t want to wait until spring to cover up that mud with grass sod.

You Can Successfully Plant Grass Sod Anytime in the Metro Houston Area

I tell everybody that the ideal time to plant grass sod is March, April or May but you don’t have to look at mud for an entire winter, waiting on it to warm up a little bit. Put the grass out there, it will be fine. The only way that I could imagine where the grass could not survive, is if you’ve had a really harsh winter. And by that I mean, multiple days, in well below freezing, in the teens and 20s.  So other than that, the grass will be fine to plant year-around.

We Deliver Grass Sod with Quality Second to None in the Houston Area

Our grass is grown on our family farm outside of Bay City, and we’ve been in the grass business since 1981.  From the start, we’ve been focused on delivering high quality grass to our customers.

You can pick up our grass from our office located just off Highway 6 a few miles east of Sienna.  We can deliver your grass to your project site, and we can arrange for installation too.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.