Is Zoysia Grass Invasive

Will Zoysia grass invade other areas of your yard?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  As with many questions, the answer depends on the variety of Zoysia grass you’re talking about.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

Summary of the Is Zoysia Grass Invasive Video

– Is Zoysia Grass invasive? It depends on the type of Zoysia that we’re talking about.

There are probably 30 types of Zoysia out there, there may be more, there’s probably a lot of fancy ones out there that I’m not even aware of. We carry three of the more popular ones, I would say.

We have two fine-bladed Zoysia grasses that grow really slow, and are not invasive, and that would be the Cavalier Zoysia and the Emerald Zoysia. They’re slow growers, they kind of stay put. You have to mow ’em less frequently, and they grow height-wise and laterally slower. That’s just their growth habit.

We also carry Palisades Zoysia. It’s a more aggressive grower, it’s more like the St. Augustine grasses, probably not to the degree of St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses, but it will end up in your flower beds like St. Augustines and Bermudas, whereas those two fine-bladed Zoysia grasses that I mentioned, they’re going to be more likely to stay put.  So is Zoysia grass invasive?  For Palisades Zoysia the answer is maybe — for Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald Zoysia probably not.

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