How Is Grass Sod Made

How We Grow and Harvest Our Grass at Houston Grass

in this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about how we grow our grass and harvest the grass sod pieces that we deliver all across the Houston area.  If you have questions about the best grass variety for your project, please call us at 281-431-7441.

Summary of the How Is Grass Sod Made Video

– How is grass sod made? Well, we buy it from our farm, my family’s farm down in Bay City.

How We Start a Field in Grass

Down there, they plant the grass with what they call sprigs, which are four inch little plugs that they put in the ground and they spread out on the ground, several acres at a time usually and they roll that grass down.  Then they put irrigation on it, water it heavily for a while, and usually, depending on the time of year that they do it, six, eight months later, they’ll have a crop of grass and it’ll basically just look like a giant backyard.  It’s big open fields, most of them are like hundred acre blocks so they can be watered with automated irrigation.

How We Harvest Grass Sod Pieces

And then, I grabbed one of our pictures off the wall. They’ll bring in these machines right here.  They’re just old Ford tractors with a little attachment that goes on the side. They call this area the cutter head.  It cuts the grass into the 16 by 24-inch pieces.

Then it goes up the conveyor belt and wraps around behind the machine and there’s two men on the back of the machine that stack it up on the pallets.  They put 165 pieces plus five extra of those pieces of grass sod to make a 450 square foot pallet. We throw five extra pieces on every pallet to make sure nobody’s getting shorted.

How the Harvested Fields Grow Back

Display Plots of Grass at Our Office
Display Plots of Grass at Our Office

So, this is how we do it. They cut a 16-inch wide swath and then it grows back.  They leave four inches, so they cut 16 inches and leave four, cut 16 inches and leave four.  We call these four-inch-wide strips of grass ribbons.  The grass grows back about six months later from these ribbons here.

And then they load the 450 square foot pallets on 18-wheelers and bring it up to places like us.  Sometimes we’ll deliver the grass to your project site with our delivery truck.  Sometimes one of the farm’s 18 wheelers will bring it straight from the farm and bring it to your job site depending on how much grass you need.

Call 281-431-7441 for Help in Picking the Right Grass

We can help you pick the right grass variety for your project, considering shade tolerance, traffic tolerance and requirements for care.  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine grew up in the grass business, and he knows what’s required for grasses to thrive in Houston’s climate.

You can pick up your grass at our office or we can deliver it to your location.  We can also arrange for installation.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to get started.

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