How to Care for Zoysia Grass

How Should You Care for Zoysia Grass in the Houston Area

If you purchase Zoysia grass sod for your lawn, do you have to provide extra care to maintain its beautiful appearance?  In other words, does Zoysia grass require more care than other grass varieties in the Houston area?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  Michael grew up in the grass business working on his family farm in Bay City, so his advice is based on many years of working with Zoysia grass as well as all the other common varieties of grass we use in this area.

If you’d like more information about the installation and care of your grass, please check our tip sheet for detailed instructions.

Here’s a summary of Michael’s video on how to care for Zoysia grass.

How to care for Zoysia grass? Well, we have all of the grasses out here in front of our office, and to be quite honest, we take care of the Zoysia grass the same way we take care of the rest of them. They get mowed every seven days during the growing season. If it’s not raining, we make sure that it gets one inch of water per week, whether it falls out of the sky or we put the sprinkler on it, and we make sure that it gets one inch of water per week. We mow ours at the same height that we mow the rest of the grasses.

How to Care for Zoysia Grass - Houston Grass South
How to Care for Zoysia Grass

Generally speaking, the Zoysia can be cut a little bit lower than the St. Augustines. But when you start getting too low, you may almost start talking about getting into reel mower heights. When you do that, instead of getting away with mowing every seven days, you may have to increase that frequency to every three or four days. That’s just more than most homeowners are willing to do. So usually, if you mow it once per week and you make sure it’s getting that one inch of water per week and the three fertilizations per year, the two in spring and one in the fall, Zoysia grass will do great for you.

It’s got a slower growing habit than the rest, so theoretically it doesn’t have to be mowed quite as often as the Bermudas and the St. Augustines. So we treat them all the same here, and the results are gorgeous, lush, thick plots of grass that would make for a magnificent backyard.

Visit Our Office to Compare Zoysia Grass with Other Varieties

In the video, Michael refers to the plots of grass at our office.  We have them there, side-by-side, so you can compare the varieties of grass with each other and make the right choice for your project.  Our Zoysia grass plot is almost always the first one that our customers walk over to because it’s just a beautiful variety of grass.

If you’d like to see how Zoysia grass compares to St. Augustine and Bermuda grass, please come on out to our office.  We’re located a few miles east of Sienna Plantation and just off Highway 6 on McKeever Road.  It’s just to the west of the FM 521 intersection with Highway 6.  Call us with your questions at 281-431-7441 or send us an email through our contact form.