When’s a Good Time to Plant Zoysia Grass

Can You Plant Zoysia Grass Throughout the Year in Houston?

Are you thinking about planting Zoysia and you’re not sure if now is a good time of the year to do that?  Call us 281-431-7441 for advice about when and how to plant Zoysia grass in the Houston area.  Springtime is always the best time to plant any grass, but summer is also a great time to plant Zoysia grass if you’re willing to water a little more.  And if you’ve moved to a new home and you need to cover the dirt in your yard, you can plant Zoysia grass during the winter and it will green up in the springtime.  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about this topic in the video.

Here’s a summary of Michael’s video about when to plant Zoysia grass in the Houston area.

When to plant Zoysia grass? Well, we’ve talked about this in some of our other videos. People call and say, “What’s the best time of year to plant grass?”

When to Plant Zoysia Grass in Houston
When to Plant Zoysia Grass in Houston

The answer is always March, April, May. The moderate temperatures are less stressful on the grass. You don’t have to water it as much. March, April, and May in this part of the world are the best times to plant grass.

However, we sell the grasses year-round.  As long as you’re willing to water the grass a little bit more, then if you do this in June or July, it’s fine. If you have an area that’s just dirt and you need to cover it up, dormant brown grass is better than mud. You’re going to lay it out there the same way, but the grass is just going to lay dormant until the weather warms up again.

How Would You Plant Zoysia Grass During Winter?

You’re still going to have to get it real wet upfront, and you’re going to have to keep the traffic off of it until we get back into the growing season. But it’s fine. Like I said, brown grass is better than mud. But if I got to be choosy about the time of year that I was going to replace my yard or take on a project like that, I would say I would absolutely do it in the springtime. However, you just bought a new house and there’s no grass in the backyard, there is absolutely nothing wrong with planting grass along the Gulf Coast here 12 months out of the year.

Why Pick Houston Grass South for Your Zoysia?

We sell the best quality grass available in the Houston area at great prices.  That quality promise includes our Zoysia grass.  The grass sod sold by Houston Grass South comes from our family farm in Bay City so we know how it was grown and how it was harvested.  Michael Romine, the Owner of Houston Grass South, grew up working with his family on that farm.  He knows the grass business and he knows the grass he’s selling so can help you choose the best grass for your project.

Our office is located south of Houston, just off Highway 6 in Arcola, Texas.  We’re a few miles east of Sienna Plantation and just west of the Highway 6 intersection with FM 521.  We have sample plots of all of our varieties of grass and many of our customers will come to the office and walk on the grass to help them decide which variety to use for their project.  So come on out and do a barefoot test yourself!

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