How to Grow Emerald Zoysia Grass

How to Grow Emerald Zoysia Grass in the Houston Area

Wondering how to grow Emerald Zoysia grass in your Houston area home?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about how Emerald Zoysia and the other Zoysia grass varieties we sell grow differently from Bermuda grasses and St. Augustine grasses.  If you have questions about the best grass variety for your project, please call our office at 281-431-7441.  You can also send a quote request or ask a question using our contact form.

Summary of How to Grow Emerald Zoysia Grass

– – How to grow Emerald Zoysia. Emerald Zoysia in particular in this question, but I would say the same applies to most of ’em.

How to Grow Emerald Zoysia Grass
How to Grow Emerald Zoysia Grass

I’m no expert on every Zoysia out there ’cause there are literally dozens and dozens of ’em, but we carry Palisades Zoysia, and we carry Cavalier, and we carry Emerald, and the latter two are the thin bladed Zoysias, the Palisades is a little bit thicker bladed Zoysia.

Zoysia Grasses Grow More Slowly than Bermuda Grasses and St. Augustine Grasses

The growing habits of Zoysia, at least the ones that we carry, and I suspect that most of ’em, they all grow slower than Bermuda Grass and the St. Augustines. Whereas we encourage most people to mow during the growing season, late spring, through the summer, every four or five days with the St. Augustines and the Bermuda Grasses, with Zoysia grasses you really can get away with the once a week mowing. It just grows slower.

That is good if you are the person paying a lawn man or the one out there pushing the mower, but if the grass gets weak or chunks get taken out for whatever reason, you need to be aware that it’s going to grow back together a lot slower. That’s just the Zoysias in particular. Their growth habit is that they fill in a lot slower.

They’re thicker in most cases, so if they wear out or if a patch is damaged, it will take longer to repair itself. It takes Zoysia grasses a lot longer to wear out.  There’s a lot more vegetation there, so it takes ’em longer to wear thin and to wear out, but once they do, it’s going to take it a while for it to grow back in.

Houston Grass South Delivers the Best Quality Zoysia Grass in the Houston Area

We know how our Zoysia grass is grown and the effort and expense that goes into growing every piece and pallet we deliver.  Our grass comes from our family farm outside Bay City, where we’ve been in the grass business since 1981.

You can pick up your grass at our office just off Highway 6 and a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  We can also deliver your grass to your project site or we can help you with professional installation services.  Call us at 281-431-7441 with your questions or to get a quote for your project.

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