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Call 281-431-7441 to buy the best Zoysia grass in the Houston area!  You’ve heard about Zoysia grass — you’ve heard about it’s lush appearance, its drought and shade tolerance, and it’s relatively slow growth allowing for fewer mowings.  You’re ready to install Zoysia at your home and you’re wondering where to buy it.

To help you make a great choice, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about that decision. He explains why you should buy your Zoysia grass at Houston Grass, and he talks about the differences between Palisades Zoysia and Cavalier and Emerald Zoysia.  Check out our customer reviews and testimonials to better understand why Houston Grass should be your Zoysia grass supplier!

Summary of Where to Buy Zoysia Grass

Where to buy Zoysia Grass in Houston? You should buy Zoysia Grass from Houston Grass, if you’re looking for grass in the greater Houston area.

We sell three different varieties of it. We carry two fine-bladed Zoysias and the Palisades which is a little bit coarser Zoysia. All three are beautiful.

They are around about the same price point and I think right now they’re within $10 of each other, per 450 square foot pallet. We only sell Zoysia grass by the pallet.

I purchased 2 pallets of zoysia and it looks awesome!! The staff was very helpful throughout the whole process. I would recommend them to everyone.


K Villarreal

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We have a lot of people call and ask about the Zoysia because they’ve heard about them or they’ve seen them. I think the reason they get so much attention is because they look different than the Raleigh St. Augustine and the Bermuda grass you see in most lawns around Houston. It gets people’s attention and that’s why we get lots of inquiries about it.

The grass is about $80 to $100 more per pallet compared to the St. Augustines and Bermuda grasses. There are lots of reasons for that price difference.

Zoysia grass grows so much slower than St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass so the farm can only get one crop a year out of it compared to two crops with the Bermuda grasses and the St. Augustines.

A lot of the Zoysia varieties are new so there are royalties being paid from the farms to the people who invent these grasses.

There are just not as many acres of it being planted by grass sod farms. If you surveyed all the farms around, the typical thousand-acre farm would have very few acres of Zoysia grass compared to the St. Augustine varieties.

So the reason to buy Zoysia over a St. Augustine grass or Bermuda grass is that most people see it as better looking with a thick turf and slower growth habit.

The Palisades Zoysia needs pretty much just like the same care as St. Augustine and the same water requirements, mowing requirements, fertilization, and a lot of people think that its prettier and nicer to walk on. I can tell you that its absolutely feels nicer to walk on.

The fine bladed Zoysias, which in our case are the Emerald and Cavalier are more high maintenance than the Palisades and just a regular St. Augustine. They’re just a little bit harder to make look good. They really need a reel mower on them, as opposed to a rotary style mower.

A reel mower is the one you see on the golf courses that turn like this, as opposed to a rotary mower that like everybody’s Snapper in their garage with the blade or two that turn underneath the deck.

The Cavalier and Emerald Zoysias are so dense and the leaf tissue is tougher to cut so the reel mower just makes it look a lot better. If you really want that golf course look, that’s what it takes.

With the Palisades Zoysia you can get away with mowing it with a regular rotary style mower and it seems to, seems to look pretty good as long as you do it frequently enough and you keep to your blades real sharp. All grasses can benefit from frequent mowing and sharp lawnmower blades.

If you’re looking for a place to buy Zoysia, we have fine-bladed and we have medium textured Zoysia. Call us at 281-431-7441 and pick our brains. If you’ve got more questions about Zoysia grass, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Don’t Regret Your Choice of a Zoysia Grass Supplier

We know that where to buy grass is an important decision.  Sod suppliers differ in the quality of the grass sod they deliver.  You can be confident in our quality because Houston Grass Zoysia grass sod comes from Michael Romine’s family farm in Bay City, where growing the highest quality grass is a tradition since 1981.  

Buy the Zoysia grass you’ll be proud of for years to come.  Buy the Zoysia that will enhance the value of your home for decades!  Houston Grass is where you should buy your Zoysia grass sod!

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