Does Bermuda Grass Go Dormant

Does Bermuda Grass Go Dormant During Houston Winters

Does Bermuda grass go dormant during winters on the Texas Gulf Coast?  Depending on the severity of the winter, all of the lawn grasses we use in the Houston area will go dormant if it’s cold enough.  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine explains in this video.  If you need help in picking the best variety of grass for your next project, call us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email through our contact form.

Summary of the Houston Grass Go Dormant Video

– – Why does Bermuda Grass Go Dormant?

In this part of the world which is the Greater Houston area, Texas Gulf Coast, to my knowledge, all grasses go dormant. There’s no such thing, and again, to my knowledge, as a grass that stays green year round.

When you see green in neighborhoods in the dead middle of winter, what they have done is they have overseeded with rye grass. They put out a thick layer of the rye grass seed before we go into winter, mid to late fall, I guess. And that comes up through the grass that’s there. All the lawn grasses though turn brown, and depending on the severity of the winter.

The last two winters we’ve had, which would have been 2015 and 2016, we didn’t have much of a winter and there was a lot of grass that never even turned totally off brown. This winter, ’17 going into ’18, we’ve had a real “winter” and everything is as brown as it can be. Everything looks like hay. Which is kind of what it’s supposed to do.

All the lawn grasses do go dormant, it’s not bad for them. It’s just kind of what happens. And usually it depends on how early you see the first frost and how long and low those temperatures stay for a time.

If someone wants green grass that you’ve got to mow and water throughout the winter, you can overseed with the rye grass.  However we don’t recommend that you do that, and we don’t sell any rye grass seed.

We don’t encourage people to do it because rye grass you seed during the fall lives till about May.  Then it gets too hot and the rye grass starts to die.   However, during March and April and most of May, your Bermuda grass or Zoysia or St. Augustine, is coming out of dormancy and it’s competing with the still-growing rye grass.  It’s fighting for the same nutrients and water as the rye grass so it can be really tough on your lawn grass coming out of dormancy in the spring.

That’s the main reason that we don’t encourage people to overseed with rye grass to maintain a green lawn during the winter.

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We are not the lowest priced grass supplier in the Houston area.  But we do deliver top quality grass at a great price.  So if you’re looking for a lawn grass that’s going to make you home look great for years to come, give us a call at 281-431-7441.

You can pick up your grass at our office in Arcola.  We’re located just off Highway 6 and a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  We can also deliver your grass to your project site or arrange for professional installation of your grass.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information or send us an email using the contact form.

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