How to Lay Zoysia Grass

How You Should Lay Zoysia Grass for Your Houston Area Lawn

How to lay Zoysia grass is a common question we get.  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers the question in this video, and we also have a tip sheet that describes how to install Zoysia grass and other grass varieties.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information or to ask about the best grass variety for your project.

Summary of How to Lay Zoysia Grass

– How to lay Zoysia grass, laying Zoysia, installing Zoysia, planting Zoysia is about the same as the other grasses.

The soil preparation is probably the most important part of it. Clearing the area of any debris, whether it’s dead grass, sticks, rocks, that has to go. Turning up, breaking up any hardpan. You know when you walk out in your yard, and if your house is 10, 20 years old, and the people walking on it and driving mowers over it for years packs it down, they call that hardpan. You walk out on it, and it’s kind of like concrete.

Anything you can do to break that up and add in some good garden mix, they call it enriched top soil or garden mix at different places. But adding in some good top soil, and getting that good and smoothed out and then laying your grass on top of it, and laying it as tight as you can next to one another.

Do not leave any gaps between the grass pieces because where ever there’s gaps, and the sun can penetrate, you’re going to get weeds. And so you want to lay the grass as tight next to each piece, kind of like laying tile, as you can and then watering it is critical.

The rule of thumb is two inches of water the day you lay it, and which really turns it into kind of a swamp. And that’s more water than most people think. That’s about 8 hours with the regular I call it a wand-style sprinkler. The one that’s got the holes and the bar that go back and forth. I suspect it’s fairly similar to the impact sprinklers.

So it takes a lot of water that first day to get grass good and sealed to the ground, get rid of those air pockets and get it kicked off. Then if you look on our website, we have a tip sheet, we have a printable printable tip sheet as well, and it gives tips depending on what time of year it is, how to water it at first, and then once it’s established and how to mow it, how to fertilize it, I would strongly encourage you to look through that. It’s a little two-page document that’ll answer most of the questions as far as care after you’ve planted the grass.

Houston Grass Delivers Zoysia Grass with Quality Second to None in the Houston Area

Houston Grass delivers grass with quality second to none in the Houston area, and we know that’s true because our grass comes from our family farm outside Bay City, where we’ve been in the grass business since 1981.  We know the time and expense that goes into the  growing the quality of every piece, pallet and roll of grass we sell.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for a quote for your next project.  Need help picking the perfect variety of grass for your situation?  We can help you there too.

We can deliver your grass to your project site and we also can arrange for professional installation services.  Want to pick up your grass?  We’ll load your grass onto your trailer or into the bed of your truck.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to arrange to have your freshly harvested grass waiting for you.  Our office is located just off Highway 6 and a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.