How Do Our Grass Sod Prices Compare?

How Do Houston Grass Sod Prices Compare with Competitors?

How do our grass sod prices compare with other Houston sod dealers? We often get questions about how our grass sod prices compare with our competitors so Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talked about that topic in this video.  The short answer is that if you account for the quality of the grass you receive from Houston Grass, our grass sod prices are better than any of our competition in Houston and in Texas. Call 281-431-7441 for information about our current prices and quantity discounts.   Click for our Pricing page.

How Do Our Grass Sod Prices Compare with other Houston Sod dealers?

Summary of How Our Grass Sod Prices Compare

This place has easy access for cars. I was able to get 15 nice looking pieces of grass in my trunk for a good price. I will shop here in the future for landscaping projects.

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How do our grass sod prices compare? Well, I guess we kind of pride ourselves at Houston Grass here on quality. I know when somebody says that, that means that they’re fixing to tell you that they’re expensive.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, and we’re not the cheapest. We’re not the most expensive retailer. Our grass comes from my dad’s farm down in Bay City. We feel that the farm that all of our grass comes from spends more dollars per acre on their grass than most people do.

There are a lot of grass farms out there that don’t have all the automated irrigation equipment that we do at our family farm. The other farms don’t spend the money on the fertilizers. When the grass greens up, our farm is fertilizing approximately every six weeks. You’re not going to find greener grass than ours out there.

How We Get Rid of Weeds in Your Grass

Our farm treats the grass using the expensive fungicides and herbicides to keep the grass as clean as it can possibly be. In fact, the only way to get rid of common Bermuda grass is to go out there and spray it with a non-selective herbicide like Roundup or Spectracide.

They actually go out and line guys up in a line shoulder-to-shoulder with the little wire flags in their hands. These folks walk the fields, and they stick that flag in the ground if they see even the slightest start of a piece of common Bermuda grass. Then the next day someone comes behind them and sprays that spot to make sure that they get rid of it.

Obviously, that is very labor intensive and time intensive, so a lot of farms don’t do that. Our sod prices have to cover that extra labor to make your grass as weed-free as possible. Since those other farms don’t do this, you’ll end up with common Bermuda grass in the grass you buy from them. Common Bermuda grass is the biggest culprit that you don’t want to see showing up in your new grass that you order.

I’m not saying it can’t happen in our grass because it is a product that’s grown out in nature, but a large percentage of the time, you’re not going to find any weeds in our grass. That’s because of the extra money spent. You’re not going to find greener or healthier grass.

Our Grass Pieces Are Cut with More Attached Dirt

We tell everybody that you can take our grass and throw it like a frisbee and it will hold together. You lay it in place or kick it into place and it’ll be fine. If you try to do that with sod pieces from most places, it’s going to fall apart into three, four, five pieces and just explode on you.

Our Grass Quality is Second to None in the Houston Area

Our grass is not the cheapest, and it’s not the most expensive. I strongly, strongly believe that it is a far superior product to anything else that’s out there. There may be somebody that grows grass on par with our grass, but there is not anybody that grows grass better than our grass.

Most other grass retailers are going to go buy grass from whomever they can get grass from that week. My grass only comes from one place, so I know what the quality’s going to be every time. It’s quality that they’ve been growing for a little over 40 years now.

So the proof is there, and I would say that as far as sod prices go, that’s kind of where we land. I don’t mention specific sod prices in the videos because the videos only get updated every few years.

Usually we have an annual price adjustment. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t, but we will put a link always to our price sheet. There’ll be one in this video, and on our website, we always keep an updated price sheet there as well. So if you are interested and have additional questions about pricing, please feel free to give us a call.

Grass is all we do. We don’t sell lumber, we don’t sell plants and trees and other stuff. All we do is sell grass so that means that we are constantly turning over our inventory. We feel like we’ve got the freshest most high-quality product that frankly can be obtained. Anytime that you pull in our lot, chances are the grass that you’re seeing is less than 24 hours old and that’s not the case in a lot of other places.

So when you consider the quality of the grass sod you’ll get from Houston Grass, our grass sod prices are a bargain — especially when you get our quantity discounts.  Those discounts kick in for as little as half a pallet of Raleigh St. Augustine grass — which covers 10 feet by 22.5 feet.